Down but not out…

Thank you all for your kind words and comments, it felt nice knowing that people cared enough to write something.

6 thoughts on “Down but not out…

    • Lois

      Thanks Liz, it certainly is nice to have somewhere to talk about things now that I’m ready to do so.

      Liking good in the latex hun, when are you going to take it out for a public rest drive?

  1. markh101

    Welcome back Lo, missed you loads and hope to catch up again with you soon. Hope you’re starting to feel a bit happier now.

    Mark x

  2. Onohara

    Hey Lo – Been thinking about you, glad to hear you’re starting to get on the mend. Be patient with yourself – it takes a really long time!

    OTOH, after negotiating poly with my LTR for what seems like a lifetime, I *just* got back – like an hour ago – from my first successful date. It went really, really well. (And she thought so, too.) Part of me is being rational and all “let’s see where it leads,” but most of me is really really happy*! And you’ll get there too, soon enough!

    * So take anything I say right now with a grain of salt, because at the moment I’m quite sure rainbow-farting unicorns are real…

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