It occured to me reading it back that yesterday’s “chatting” post might have come across as a bit desperate.

The thing is I really enjoy chatting to normal people who are also into the BDSM scene. It isn’t something I get to do in day to day life really and it is difficult to find new people, I am on CollarMe for instance and have found very few people on there to chat to.

So I was bored on my train ride home yesterday and thought “what he hell”, at least I’ll find out if anyone is actually reading it! It worked a treat as well, I spoke to a few very interesting people and had a much more interesting train ride than I would have otherwise.

Today I’m heading into The City which is good news because I love it there and ill have time to go into London and do some shopping afterwards. I love London, best city in the world in my opinion!

5 thoughts on “Desperate

  1. Philip

    Hi sexy sub-slut.

    I have written you before a few times, and you answered me back about the time I suggest you come “clean” with your Mistress. I’m so glad everything worked out for you. . . for Her, too.

    The post about wanting to chat did not at all, in My humble opinion, make you sound desperate. You were bored and like it or not, those of “us” in this lifestyle, love to chat with others about it. I am a Master & own a very young slave that you would love. πŸ˜‰ Yet, I read your blogs all the time even though you are a lesbian. (Or, are you? I know in the past you dated men?) Also, I read a blog site where both Master and slave are gay. I do it to learn. To discover what others have to say. I love your posts very much, I must admit. I have used a few things on My slave that your Mistress used on you. So, I completely understand why you would rather pass the time chatting with like minded people. I do to while on a business trip. Yes, I am a lawyer too, in Michigan.

    So, not only would I very much enjoy chatting with you about sex, bdsm, but also a bit about work. BTW, is that you on the top of your page? If so, your Mistress is a lucky lady. I found you on SlaveFarm but it seems most all the women are on the heavy side.

    Have a great day at work AND in love.

    I wrote your yahoo name down. Mine is jdmich85. Lets have a pow-wow one day. Yes, anyone here can write Me, too!


    Master Philip

  2. BB

    The blog is definitely moving onto a new level lois. Tieing the submission aspects to the use and pain makes it much more erotc, at least in my head.

    How is your story from the weekend party coming along? We’ve been waiting paitently for that for quite some time now. When will you deliver on your promise of it?

    Enjoy the weekend/London.

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