Is anyone about who fancies a chat? I’m bored on my train today. My yahoo messenger ID is lois.tyler.

If you add me just put a message saying you’re from my blog otherwise I might reject you, I get a lot of people adding me who then never even say hello so I only add people who put a message when they request an add!

3 thoughts on “Chatting

    • Lois

      That’s ok Hun, it’s nice to meet new people even if you have to put a desperate plea on your blog to do it! Lol

      Hope work wasn’t too strenuous xx

  1. techno555

    Hi Lois, I’m so sorry, but I also missed… Anyway, hope to have chance next time….I follow to your blog and fopr sure I can say: you are something like an ideal for me, I admire you for your lifesytle and how you realise your masochistic fantasies – my wish is to arrange my life like yours…. Have a very good day!!!
    I’m a slave already, belongs to my mistress, but she still has to learn a lot, get more experiences in order to give me what I really need and as hard as I need….

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