I was in the cage, alone, in the dark, all night, Mistress finally turned up, naked, and let me out at around 10am on Sunday by which time all my joints were aching and seized up and my nipple and pussy lips were totally numb but sort of throbbing, it was a weird sensation.

I can’t remember the last time I have been clamped for so long, especially with such strong clamps. I don’t know how many of you have had binder clips attached to your more sensitive areas but let me tell you those things are STRONG! and it hurts like crazy when they are put on, they really crush the flesh and pinch something rotten!

Once She let me out of the cage She left my hands cuffed and took me over to the bed, once I was laid on my back She knelt over my head, facing my feet, and then lowered Her wet pussy onto my face so that I could “thank” Her properly.

Whilst I was thanking Her, She very slowly removed each of the clamps. She started with my nipples, first one then the other, it was total agony as the blood rushed back into them and She rubbed them between Her fingers but I loved it and She loved me moaning into her.  Once my nips were free She leant over pushing Her pussy harder into my face, then She took a clamp in each hand and pulled them stretching my lips away from my body. She pulled them taut and then released both clamps at once and I half scream half moaned into Her pussy as I felt the blood pulsing once again through my swollen cunt lips.

I was very wet and I got a real treat, whilst She continued to grind her pussy into my face, She held my lips apart and began sucking on my clit. This was a massive surprise to me as She never goes down on my, She pleasures me in plenty of other ways but never like this. I was coming within sixty seconds and then I made Her cum as well, all over my face and She tasted delicious.

Later on I asked Her why She had put me in the cage, She simply said “because I can”, so that was that!

4 thoughts on “..Freed

  1. Onohara

    I suspected that was the reason lol.

    What size were the binder clips? For anyone who’s not experienced them, the really large ones aren’t too much worse than clothespins, but the smaller they get, the worse they are. If they’re much smaller than the nips themselves it’s the sort of pain I can pass out from after a few minutes. And 17 hours is agonisingly long at any size.

    It also sounds like you had to hold your bladder that whole time? Not that this is news, but I think your mistress is a sadist. 🙂

    • Lois

      I would call them medium sized but they are from my toy chest so rarely used and still very strong! I throw them away when they start to lose their spring.

      To be honest I think even clothes pegs would have been sore after that long, it was certainly an endurance challenge especially as I had full access to them and could have removed them at any time, She probably would even have known.

      Mistress is definitely a sadist but I would call Her an “occasional sadist” because it’s not a massively regular thing but when She is in the mood She really enjoys being cruel!

  2. Onohara

    K was like that, too. Most of our play was not terribly painful but when she was in the mood…holy shit that woman knew how to inflict pain! She’d get off not only on the pain itself, but finding creative and unexpected ways to do it. And the aftercare, which was always glorious. And necessary.

    Good self-discipline, hun! Even if she wouldn’t have known…you would have. And she probably would have known, if for no other reason than that you’d need to tell her.

  3. IflyHG

    Sounds like being freed was a blast! I’m curious if you managed to sleep at all that night, at some point did exhaustion take over? Waking up with your tender bits clamped must be disorienting.

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