Locked up

Here I was, minding my own business catching up on watching The Walking Dead when Mistress turns up out of the blue.

No “hello”, She just tells me to follow Her and leads me into the bedroom, then into my closet. I think I’ve mentioned this before, I have a sort of walk in wardrobe but that makes it sound a lot fancier than it is! Anyway, in the closet she tells me to take my clothes off whilst she rummages in my toy chest, she hands me cuffs and tells me to put them on, wrists first and then ankles.

Then she pulls out some binder clips, one goes onto each nipple and the I spread my legs and she decorates each of my pussy lips with one too. Lastly she tells me to “open wide” and in goes a ball gag which gets fastened behind my head.

Then she tells me to get in my cage which I do as gracefully as is possible, backing myself in so that I’m not facing a wall. She bends down and kisses my gag and then puts a padlock through the d-rings on my wrist cuffs and locks it. She takes my phone out of my jeans and hands it to me then shuts the cage and puts a padlock through it.

The last thing She says is “I’ll see you later” and then She closes the door throwing me into darkness and then I hear the key turn in it and then nothing.

I’ve been here for about two and a half hours now. I’ve no idea what I did to deserve this, my nips and lips are somewhere in between agony and numbness, it’s hard to describe! I’ll let you know if Mistress turns up any time soon.

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