Ups and Downs

Firstly thanks for still reading despite my absence of late.  Just to give you a little insight into my life recently I have been working on a big new project at work and things got rather busy there for a while.  I was working 10-12 hour days seven days a week, running meetings, writing documents, blaa blaa blaa.  Then on the 22nd August I was in a hotel lobby after having been for dinner with clients in Leeds and I began to feel feint, I woke up on the floor surrounded by strangers and an hour later I was in hospital via an Ambulance, it was totally embarrassing!

Apparently I was suffering from very high blood pressure and very low blood sugar caused by, among other things, working too hard, stress and not eating properly. I got quite the lecture from the doctor about not looking after myself and then Mistress arrived the next morning and I got the lecture all over again except this time it came with threats!

Mistress drove me home and as soon as we got in she made me strip and then lie on the bed, then she tied me to it, not tight and spread eagled or anything but securely with chains padlocked to leather cuffs, then she covered my up with the duvet and left me to my “enforced r&r” (her words) for a full twenty four hours, the only time she disturbed me was to feed which she did four times during my “captivity” whether I wanted to eat or not. One time she did untie me long enough to use the bathroom.

To be honest I am grateful, I slept almost the whole time and when she finally freed me I felt more relaxed and energetic than I had in weeks, I showed her my gratitude immediately which she accepted very graciously, between her legs!

I didn’t go back to work until the following Monday, which was a bank holiday but we had a big meeting in the City (Business District of London) which was basically the culmination of all my work, the big decision, and everything went perfectly and the deal went through and a few days later I got a RIDICULOUS bonus (sorry for gloating!) and a week off. Mistress and I went on holiday and it was just great to get away with her.

So anyway, blog, I’m trying to get back into writing now that I have a little more time and I am starting where I left off which seems appropriate. I owed everyone a report on the Dice Game that I asked for and so rudely didn’t deliver on so here it is…

The first person to post their dice numbers in the right place was markh101 (sorry Simon!) who rolled the following numbers; 3, 3, 2, 6, 5.  That equates to wearing a boob tube and wet look leggings, along with 8″ heels, to a friends house with a large anal plug inserted and staying for fifty minutes.

Shockingly I don’t (didn’t)  own a boob tube or “wet look” leggings so I had to go out and acquire some, I found some at Primark which were both cheap and not too terrible. Perhaps less surprisingly I did have a large butt plug in my toy chest so I had almost everything I needed, except for shoes.

I have plenty of shoes, more than plenty really, but none that are quite eight inches high so I  had to settle for some six inch ones but I don’t think that should constitute a fail, they are still fairly high shoes!

The plug that I chose is 2.5″ wide and is not easy for me to get in, I have a reasonably tight ass despite the use it has been put to over the years! After having a shower I used some lube on the plug and then placed it on the floor and squatted over it, I reached behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart and positioned myself so that the cold tip touched my hole. Then I pushed down, hard!

I bit down on my lip to help me take the pain from my asshole being stretched wide. It felt like something much larger, a watermelon maybe, trying to make its way into my ass but I kept on the pressure, pushing down as hard as I could despite the burning stretching sensation that such an act brings with it. Eventually, after some minutes of pure pain, my ass gave in and I slid down onto the plug.

There was relief as my hole retracted around the plug mixed with the unusual and uncomfortable feeling as the wide plug pushed into me stretching my insides before settling deep inside me.  As I laid on floor, on my side, recovering my composure and readying myself to get back up I ran a finger up my pussy, predictably I was soaking wet.

After I had dragged myself pack to my feet and cleaned myself up a little (down there!) I got into my outfit.  I was a little worried that the plug would show through the tight leggings but once I had them on I checked myself out in the mirror and it was fine, the part of the plug that sticks out isn’t too big on that plug so you couldn’t tell at all, although I could really feel it digging into my ass cheeks.

I pulled on the boob tube top, no bra, and then slid my feet into the shoes, I looked ridiculous! There had been no rules on makeup or hair so I did my makeup pretty standard but a bit heavy on the eye shadow and then put my hair in a tight pony tail which just seemed appropriate.

I had organised to go and see a gay (male) friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a while so I left the house and ran to the car hoping no-one would see me, unfortunately I dropped my keys as I ran and had to stop and bend over and fumble about in the flower bed to find them again.  Also, just to be clear, when I say I ran, I’m not talking Usain Bolt here, it was more tottering along at a slightly faster than walking pace, but even so it wasn’t easy wearing such a large plug up my ass!

The next challenge was sitting in the car, for some reason I didn’t really think about it despite the fact that the plug was right up there on my brains list of current affairs, I just plonked myself down as I normally do when I get in the car and immediately felt like I’d had the wind knocked out of me as the plug was forced deeper into me with a lot of force, I actually yelped, partly from the pain and partly from the total surprise.  I sat in the car for a least five minutes just getting my breath back and then turned the car on and set off.

The drive was short and as I got there I called him to tell him I was there, I wasn’t keen on the idea of hanging around on the street (he has no front garden) in those ridiculous clothes looking like a 90’s prostitute! When he opened the door he just burst out laughing!

I managed to push my way inside and when he finished rolling around on the floor laughing at me I told him my pre-prepared story, I was going to a 90’s disco party and wanted to try out my outfit on him (good eh?!).  He said he loved it, it was perfect! Phew!

He offered me a glass of wine and it would have been rude to say no! I took the wine but immediately spilt it as I sat down once again forgetting to do it gently! I managed to contain the yelp this time so he didn’t notice (I don’t think) that I was reacting to anything and just thought I was clumsy.

After that was all sorted though his first words were “I think maybe a bra with that top hunni” and then he smiled a wide smile, I looked down and my nipples were sticking out like bullets through the thin top, it had been a bit cold outside and to be honest the constant self inflicted anal abuse was starting to get me going a little.  I put my arm over my tits and blushed but he just started laughing again!

I stayed much longer than the prescribed fifty minutes, in fact it was nearer two hours later that I left, my ass was really aching by that point and I had been shuffling around a lot in my seat, my friend kept telling me to sit still, fortunately he isn’t my Dom because I would have found it very difficult to comply.

I repeated my little run, managing not to drop my keys this time, and got back into the house unseen (probably). I stripped the clothes off and got on my beds, hands and knees like a doggy bitch, my right hand went straight to my pussy whilst my left gripped the plug and began pulling on it, retracting it a little, then pushing it back in and retracting it a little more.

My fingers worked frantically at my clit as the plug started to come out and then I just gripped it tight and pulled as hard as I could and came loudly as my ass relinquished the plug and I collapsed on the bed.

My ass was really REALY sore and when I looked at the plug it had blood smeared all over it, clearly my ass had taken a pounding with this thing. Like a good slut I cleaned the plug with my tongue and then I went and took another shower, I used the shower head on my ass which stung like crazy and ran red a little bit. After my shower I wrapped myself in my fluffy dressing gown and curled up on my bed.

My ass was sore for a couple of days, quite bad the first day but not too much after that and there was no more blood so the damaged can’t have been all that bad.

So that was my first dice game challenge, I know the report was not quite as prompt as it should have been, in fact it was ridiculously late if truth be told but as I’ve said real life has very much got in the way in the last few weeks and although things are still pretty hectic my schedule is a little easier to manage now so I’m hoping to increase the blog posts over the coming days and weeks, the next of which will be along shortly and will centre around a certain party that I attended.

6 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Onohara

    I like the new look! And, not that I like telling a bunch of tops what to do, but how ’bout some more comments people? If Lois is going to make time for this blog it’s in part because she knows people are actually reading and responding to it!

    • Lois

      Thanks hun!

      I was trying to write an entry but couldn’t really get started on it, wasn’t in the right frame of mind so instead I did this. It is all my own work, I made it from scratch whilst teaching myself CSS!

  2. IflyHG

    Sorry to hear about your trip to hospital, glad to hear you are better and that Kayleigh took good care of you and chastised you for not doing the same.

    Thanks for the story about the dice game challenge, loved it!

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