Bad blogger

I know I am not doing very well with this blog at the moment, I just can’t seem to write these days! It’s like I have writers block or something, I know what I want to write about but when I come to put fingers to keys (the modern version of putting pen to paper!) I can’t seem to string a sentence together!

I want to write a lot more about my new situation, what the rules that we agreed on are and what restrictions I am now living under as a freshly collared sub.  I started writing about these things a couple of times but then when I have read it back it has been dry and boring! I will try again but I need to get the spark back I think, maybe it is because I have been working so hard of late.

Work has been a nightmare the last few weeks and I have found it increasingly hard to find time for my friends, family, Kayleigh OR myself, never mind my blog.  I think it will calm down soon so hopefully I’ll be able to get a few good nights sleep and then get my writing back up to full strength.

I’m still reading the Fifty Shades books, I am about half way through the last one now and I must say I am enjoying them.  The BDSM aspects are a little tame for my tastes (lol) but I have found myself a little moist after reading a few parts!  What is difficult though is that everyone is talking about them, all of a sudden the secret taboo world of BDSM is being talked about on This Morning!  For the non-UK residents among you that is a daytime TV show here.

I just don’t want to enter into a conversation with anyone about that in case I go a little too far, reveal a little bit too much knowledge that obviously hasn’t come from the books! That could lead down roads that I really don’t want to venture down!  Mistress thinks it is all hilarious, She had read them before I had even heard about them and She just thinks it’s amazing that all of these women are reading them and getting hot under the collar about all of the “bondage” in them.  Then there are the people that are disgusted by them which She finds even more amusing!

You may have noticed that I am no longer calling her by her given name, this is one of the new rules, when not in public I am to refer to Her as Mistress or Miss and when writing about Her I am to always capitalise the first letter of the reference, you will notice all of the Her and She references and hopefully the lack of her and she ones!  The fun part for you is that I am to request that you point out any time that I reference Her incorrectly by adding a comment and I am to inform Her every time I make that mistake.  I’m sure you can guess what happens when I make mistakes!

I’ll try to do better with my blogging and hopefully my readers will return (stats have been very low of late! for obvious reasons). Please help me by commenting and letting me know what you would like me to write about, I am submissive remember so feel free to tell me what to write about!

27 thoughts on “Bad blogger

  1. jeeprat

    Hello again nice to see you are back in the writing world …… obviously I would like to hear more of the things you and your mistress are doing together .As an aside how do you feel about the Olympics ? i have to fly to the UK while they are on …I will be landing at Manchester …….just to keep out of London

  2. Dante

    Everything has changed lois…in case you haven’t noticed.
    you have gone from “PainSlut Lois” to drab Lois’ Blog…hell you have even changed the WordPress theme to a “suzie homemaker” type of theme.

    Originally your blog was for challenges for you and now that is gone (now you have no interaction with your fans other than you post, they hopefully read and hopefully comment) and “living life as a secretly collared submissive” has been done and that person (a black lady from Washington state is making tons of cha-ching which you are now reading). As you said, a little tame for your taste – as is your blog now that you are in love; the ONLY sparks are between you two love birds, not you and your fans…and you wonder why readership is down…think again, it’s not your poor writing habits but rather the context of your writing – YOU’RE A FUCKING PAIN SLUT! not a 50 shades character as you have become.

    When I saw this post come across my email, I just had to comment because you are even losing my interest in your blog and now that you have EVEN changed the theme and the name…well I HATE it and further pounds a nail in my decision. And yes, you can’t please everyone, but you really need to think about this…you have gone from a standout PAIN SLUT to a pack runner whom can not be seen through the many numbers of similar runners…that’s where your spark has gone..hell it’s not even a spark anymore but rather a pffffft.

    I knew this post was coming but did not expect it as soon. Love has changed you (and your blog); live with it ..or change your life (I mean re-acquaint yourself to you again).

    “The fun part for you is that I am to request that you point out any time that I reference Her incorrectly by adding a comment”…oooo how fun!!!!

    Get the point?

    • Lois

      Dante, thank you for your comments. I agree with you on some points, less so on others, I will take some time to consider what you have said.

      I’m sorry you don’t like the new theme, I just fancied a bit of a change really! It wasn’t intended to be “suzie homemaker” but perhaps a little more refined maybe. The blog name hasn’t changed, it’s always been Lois’ Blog!

      As for falling in love, I didn’t expect that and couldn’t help it. Sorry.

      Thank you for the public humiliation, it is a while since I have had any of that!

      • Dante

        No need to apologize for falling in love Lois…happens to the best of us! …and you’re welcome! hmmm… thought there was something about a “PainSlut” in the title – but I must be wrong. Talk to you later suzie…er Lois.

  3. Onohara

    Woo-hoo! Redesign! (Though I miss the sidebar of a woman with a QR code superimposed; I wrote a story a while back whose slave heroine had to maintain a blog with explicit photos of her, then had the QR code for the blog tattooed on her shoulder for anyone in public with a smart phone to check out. Still hoping someone will do that 🙂 )

    I understand Dante’s frustration, but this is Lois’ life and this is where it’s led. She’s not living her life to please her blog readers or maximize the blog’s uniqueness or marketing potential.

    I know I’m not the target audience (a fellow female sub, though with a very different personal situation), but I get a lot more from the sense of knowing Lois as a person and the reactions she has to her experiences than fresh ideas (however much they arouse me by my imagining someone inflicting them on me…) for torturing her. So much of what makes BDSM unique and powerful – for me, anyway – is mental. Anyone can manipulate my nerve endings – and I like that very much, thank you – but it takes a special person to effectively fuck with my mind. One of the things that has made reading this blog great fun for me over the last six months has been following Lois’ arc in their relationship as Kayleigh (sorry, she’s not MY Mistress, but I’m not sure we shouldn’t help Lois out by following an agreed-upon convention for referring to her new owner) has very effectively gotten inside Lois’s head and steered them both to this point. Lois has allowed us to share at least some of what all of us should know is a very intimate journey, and has solicited our feedback and input at every step. She is – somewhat to my surprise – now continuing to do that with her owner’s blessing. As someone who’s formerly lived in “outer sub-space” (love that term!) 24/7 for extended periods of time, I can attest that Lois’s emotional journey with Kayleigh is just beginning, and we still get to read about it! To me, anyway, that’s showing more interaction with and submissiveness to her readers than, say, following someone’s instructions for sewing her pussy lips together. Just my two bits.

    I’ll hold off on my 50 Shades comments, Lois, ’til you’ve finished. Except to say that I write for a living, so I’m surely oversensitive on this score, but the writing in 50 Shades is gawd-awful. I mean, the writing in Twilight is gawd-awful, and 50 Shades started out as online Twilight fan fiction. (They had to change the names of the characters and setting to avoid copyright issues before publishing, but it’s the same characters – a part of my rant I’ll save.) Fan. Fiction. Twilight. 50 Shades is worse even from a pure narrative writing standpoint; the characterizations and plot, I’ll wait to sound off on, other than to say I think they do both the kink community and its members a huge disservice with the general public that’s reading the books.

    Lois, as to what we want you to write about, in addition to the usual play descriptions, I really value your sharing your emotional life. And I think some masters (including, no doubt, some that read this blog) would find value in tracking the things in your service – and its relationship to your day life – that you like, things you find challenging, things that are emotionally stressing. IMO the better doms emotionally understand their subs, and in general the wide variety of personalities that can be wired to enjoy submission. the more effective they can be in their ownership and thus the better the relationship is for all. Plus, it’s hot!

    Final thought (sorry for going on so long – I *AM* a writer!): – your Mistress does not need to be reading or actively involved in your blog to use it as a tool in her play with you. Giving you instructions for soliciting feedback, tasks, or punishment from us (choices, categories, or a wide-open call for ideas) might be fun for her, another opportunity for submissiveness for you, and it would address some of Dante’s (and doubtless other readers’) concerns as well.

    Good luck in your new reality, hun! xx

    • GwaiLo

      I’d love to read your story about the slave with the QR code… having read a number of your comments, I’m sure it’d be a great read!

      • Onohara

        That particular story I’m really happy with, but there’s no obvious place to publish it. I’ve thought about – because of the copious explicit BDSM and because they can accommodate the length (it’s really long – 80000 words!), but it’s a little too character-driven and literary for that site. There’s three main characters, all of whom I love but all of them flawed, and the story explores ethical quandaries in an MF/f m/s relationship. So it’s not purely a bondage/torture/fuckfest, and I have no idea who’d want to read it other than me. Any suggestions welcome.

        Sorry for the tangent – I try not to write about myself in my comments here. Maybe I need to start my own blog for that!

        • Simon

          Hi Onohara, I’d love to read it. I’m trying my hand at writing too so I’d like to see how you evolved the story and the level of depth you took the characters.

        • Dante

          Hi Onohara…I would like to read your story and publish it (anonymously if so desired); the details of which can be discussed should you care to move forward. I can be reached at:

          By the way, it was not, nor is it my “frustration” which you state above in your reply to Lois’ latest entry. So many people misunderstand what I write; perhaps because of the tone they read into it.

  4. Onohara

    One more thought (sorry!) in case it hasn’t occurred to some readers: this is no longer Lois’s blog. The blog is owned by Lois. Lois is owned by Kayleigh. It’s Kayleigh’s blog now; Lois just writes it. Just sayin’.

  5. Simon

    I think Dante has forgotten this is a blog of real life not a fiction piece, so critic over the content is a bit harsh. As Onohara writes, we are following Lois’s submissive journey and we don’t know where it will lead. I, for one, supported Lois’s path to ownership fully expecting it to end this blog completely. As it is, her Mistress has imposed some restrictions and some playful notes so it’s changed along with Lois, her situation and her feelings towards her Mistress and her submissive desires. Lois was a painslut now she has grown into a fully fledged owned submissive, so it’s no longer her desires that will guide her but her Mistress’s, whether this be pain, humiliation, bondage etc

    The submissive insight and virtual connection is what I value, understanding the desires and thought processes of a submissive female.

    With regards 50 shades, I have not read it yet but do share the feeling ‘the secret’s out’ and I am not sure how I feel about that. There is also a Kira Knightly film coming out where she asks her husband to punish her, which leads to a spanking with a belt. There is at least one more scene where she is punished as well. How long before 50 shades makes it to the big screen, within a year is my guess.

    NB you referred to your Mistress as Kayleigh within the third paragraph


    • Dante


      If it is the Mistress’ desires that will be guiding her, how will you be able to understand the “desires and thought process of a submissive female” if they are no longer hers that guide her as you stated? Would it not be those of the Mistress which you will then be trying to understand? … first she has “…her submissive desires”, then, “so it’s no longer her desires” and lastly you want to understand something that she no longer has or controls..does that about sum it up? I’m so confused and just trying to understand whose desires you really are trying to understand.

      You see Simon, just because Lois is now a “fully fledged owned submissive” as you state above, has nothing to do with her having desires within her own self AS WELL AS dealing with Kayleigh’s desires for her because the two are mutually exclusive and independent of one another; all acting on the same being.

      Additionally, I am sure…er make that 100% positive there are submissive painsluts; by default the painslut is a masochist AND submissive if they exist within a D/s relationship because acting in the singular they would only be masochist. Secondly, have you not been reading these posts and realizing that Lois still enjoys the pain (do you remember the “real life” 30 minute spanking???)….oop let me pull a valley girl on ya – duh! Do you think the painslut light switch was turned off? Was she not already a submissive to Kayleigh? Wouldn’t you say there existed a submissive painslut relationship in that scenario? Need I ask another valley girl type question? Of course not because this is all fiction, not real life!

      You obviously have no clue as to the meaning behind what I originally wrote. Onohara unknowingly touched on it a miniscule amout when she mentioned about her not being the target audience. The points I was making is that this blog with its task oriented theme carried over from her previous blog was based upon “Painslut” Lois and targeted toward the sadist Dominant personality type of audience which is a hell of a lot easier to write to (especially when describing the task to be performed is already written for you and left for you to add your twist or embellishment if so desired) than to write to an audience of posey sniffers and Dominants trying to appease all. All of my points had to do with change; change which could possibly be some of the cause to Lois’ proclaimed writer’s block; change which MAY or MAY NOT be affecting Lois’s inner self core; change which ONLY the “REAL LIFE” Lois can and must deal with herself. Lois and I agree on some things AND disagree on other things, but the one thing about Lois is that she thinks about things written to her and is always courteous toward you no matter what is said to her – a trait I find highly admirable in her!

      Oh…and Simon…a critic critiques; which can be harsh, subtle, favorable, distractive, negative, positive or any number of things as well as a review; taken differently by each individual. As such you are entitled to your opinion but it doesn’t count because what I wrote was directed to Lois, NOT you and if you go back and read what Lois replied to me, she got the context of my message unlike some who only see black lines on a white background and possibly tone deaf.

      • Lois

        I think I am going to have to read this one several times Dante, because after the first read through I am confused as to your point in many places!!

        Are you going to rise to the dice game challenge? You asked for more interaction!

    • Lois

      Mistress has been informed of the mistake you pointed out and has started a tally. Apparently I won’t like what happens when it gets to ten!

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