Fifty Shades of Lois

I know I’ve been away for a while but I am going to jump straight in where I left off and then talk about things at the end…

It was the last day of my punishment and I as I’d said in my last post I was REALLY ready for it to be over and I had definitely learned my lesson, no more lies! I’d like to say this is just for moral reasons but in actual fact it’s just not worth another week like that to keep ANYTHING from her!

Before she came round I had a long soak in the bath and did my best for everything to be clean when the belt came off, then I put on some stockings, some big heals and a nice LBD ready for her arrival. She got to my house at about 7.30pm and I was waiting for her knelt behind the door, this has become a bit of a custom now and I think she likes it so I always try to be there if I know she is coming.

When she let herself in I kept my eyes on the floor submissively and just waited, she walked straight passed me and into the bedroom, my heart was beating like crazy and I didn’t know what to do.  Eventually she came back out having left her stuff in there and she squatted in front of me, finally she used her finger under my chin to lift my head to look at her.

Before I knew what was happening her lips were on mine and she kissing me with an urgency more than anything I have felt from her before, in fact she kissed me so hard that I fell backwards onto my arms (ouch!) but she just came with me, straddling my body with her thighs and keeping her lips pressed against mine.

I pulled my arms from under me and hugged her close as we kissed for a good five minutes, eventually she pulled away and said “I missed you” and I said “Oh god I missed you so much Kay” and we kissed a bit more, I was wet again already!

I didn’t want her to ever get off but she got back up and helped me do the same, unfortunately she lead me into the lounge, not the bedroom, holding my hand and we sat together on the sofa. She said that it felt like she was punishing herself this week not being able to see me, I blushed with shame and told her how sorry I was and that it will never happen again and she just smiled at me which made me feel amazing and I knew all was forgiven.

Kayleigh went for a shower then and I sorted us out a nice food, candles, music…a really romantic meal for us both.

When she came back she was all clean and wearing a sexy little dress of her own with her hair back and bare feet, I handed her a glass of wine and we sat down.

Over dinner we talked about the week, she asked me how I liked sleeping in the cage and I told her honestly that I didn’t like it because it was very uncomfortable to sleep in but that it had got easier and I got quite a bit of sleep the night before. Then she asked about the chastity belt and I tried to keep my composure but it all just kind of came out.

I told her how crazy I’ve been feeling and how I couldn’t concentrate and have been in a terrible mood, she just found it all hilarious and was literally laughing out loud at some of the things I was telling her about, I told her it wasn’t funny but that just made her laugh more, then she started playing with the belt key between her fingers while I told her all about THAT night with the MP3 file, just thinking about that makes me frustrated!

After dinner we cuddled on the sofa for a while, me laid with my head on her knee, her running her fingers up and down the metal covering my damp pussy.

I know you love hearing about the BDSM aspects of our relationship but sometimes I just enjoy being a couple, sitting together and talking and looking into her wonderful eyes! She really is an amazing person, she has two jobs and she is putting herself through a PRINCE2 course as well as being with me. Plus she is passionate, compassionate, mature, friendly…….lovable, if somewhat short tempered on occasion! I just wanted to say that as I think people sometimes forget that we are really people, not just characters in BDSM scenes.

Anyway, after a while I couldn’t stand it anymore and begged her to take the belt off, eventually she said “OK I’ll take it off if you promise not to cum until I say so” which I obviously agreed to without even thinking about it!

I followed her into the bedroom and she told me to take off my dress, I slid it over my head and dropped it to the floor then stood and waited in just my stockings and heels. She told me to fold my arms behind my back and spread my legs which I did obediently.

You have no idea how happy it felt to hear the lock click and then feel the belt open and be removed from between my legs, I really don’t know how to describe the feeling of having it removed, the only thing I can compare it to is having a plaster cast removed, except with the relief multiplied by about a thousand!

I was desperate to look down, to see my long lost pussy again but I maintained my composure and my position whilst she removed the belt and laid it on the floor. She then ran a single finger gentle up the length of my slit and I gasped and I swear I almost came just from the sensation as her finger started my clit tag swaying.

She told me to get on my knees and as I obeyed she went over to my dresser and returned with a paddle brush, like you (probably) I assumed I was in for a spanking but instead she knelt down behind me and began to brush my hair pulling it back tightly, then she said “play with yourself”.

I hesitated, unsure if I had heard her correctly, then I got a sharp stinging slap on my ass with the back of the brush so I moved one hand from behind my back and tentatively ran it down my pubic mound until I touched my engorged clit and gasped. My clit was much larger than I remembered it, swollen and massively sensitive.

I touched it again and it felt like nothing I can describe, the sensation was like an electric current passed between my finger and clitoris and I had to pull it away immediately for fear I might cum involuntarily. As soon as I pulled my finger away I felt the back of the brush impact my other ass cheek and her voice came over my shoulder saying “play with yourself NOW”, she was trying to sound threatening but I could hear the smile in her voice.

I skipped past my clit and ran my fingers down my slit, I was soaking wet when I found my hole and quickly pushed two fingers into myself using all of my self control to obey my orders and then began to very slowly thrust them in and out.

I didn’t notice when she stopped brushing my hair but I did notice when she reached underneath me from behind and my fingers froze inside me as she pushed one of hers into me along side them.  I moaned loudly and the words “Oooohh please” escaped my lips as I struggled to contain myself to which she replied with “Don’t” and quickly pulled her finger back out of me.

She got up and walked around me towards the closet but as she did she looked back over her shoulder, a big grin on her face, and said “Carry on”. I closed my eyes and continued to finger fuck myself very slowly so as not to cum despite being hornier than I’ve ever been in my life.

When she came out of the closet she was sucking the finger than had been inside me and she looked so sexy, she was carrying two pairs of handcuffs and a riding crop. She reached me and held out the cuffs saying “On the bed, on your back, wrists to ankles” which a big happy smile on her face.

I looked up at her, flushed and horny, took my fingers out of myself and reached up to take the cuffs but she pulled them back and said “Clean your fingers! Dirty Girl!” as if she was talking to a child.  I blushes and then looked her straight in the eye as I placed my wet fingers in my mouth and sucked on them filling my mouth with the taste of my pussy.

With my fingers clean I climbed onto the bed positioning myself knelt near the bottom of it, then I laid back so my legs were bent underneath me. Kayleigh watched as I attached the cuffs to my ankles and then reach down and attach one to my wrist, I struggled with the other so she helped me finish restraining myself.

Being restrained like that feels very submissive, I have to spread my legs and bow my body and it feels and looks like I am presenting myself to her and it feels amazing! I think she is quite fond of it too!

As I lay there she slid her dress over her head and she was naked beneath it, my eyes drank in her sexy smooth skin remembering the curves of her body that I had missed more than I realised over the previous week. She picked the crop back up and began running it over my body, every now and then giving me a little smack with it.

She ran the tip of the crop over every part of my body and then finally let it rest of my clit, my eyes were closed and I was biting my lip so hard trying to contain myself, she moved the handle so that the crop was balanced on my stomach with the leather tip still resting on my swollen clitoris and told me to keep still.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled my head facing the bottom of the bed, her legs were spread wide and her sweet pussy was just inches from my face. She took my nipples between her fingers and began to roll them and pinch them as she gave me my orders, “You’re going to make me come with your tongue and when you do I will signal you to come to.” and with that she lowered her pussy onto my hungry mouth.

My mind was spinning a little, she was pulling and twisting my nipples and it was driving me wild and I had only been half listening to my orders! I didn’t have to much time to think about it though as my tongue went to work circling her clit and then plunging into her tasting her for the first time in too long.

She was wet, very wet, and I could feel her juices coating my face as I pleasured her and it just made me more horny. I could hear her moaning and suddenly she let go of my nipples and her body pushed down harder on my face and I realised I couldn’t breathe and then the crop smacked my clit so hard and I screamed and came all at the same time and my mind when somewhere completely new and I was in a total daze.

I didn’t pass out but I was completely out of it and when I started to come to Kayleigh was no longer on top of me, she was laying beside my with a slightly concerned look on her face.  The cuffs were still on my wrists but they weren’t attached to my ankles anymore and my legs were stretched out below me.  Kayleigh was stroking my hair and as I focused on her she said “Are you Ok baby?” and I slowly nodded my head.

It was a totally weird experience but an amazing one, I don’t know what made me go so weird, it might have been the built up tension or the lack of oxygen or….I don’t know what! I can say though that it was probably the best orgasm I have ever had!

Kayleigh was amazing afterwards, really loving and caring, she got me a drink and then cuddled me and it was exactly what I needed.

After a while we started to discuss the TPE week and she laid out the rules that she wanted me to stick by for that week, they were:

  1. She will live in my house with me
  2. I will do all of the cooking, cleaning and bill paying
  3. I will obey her every command without question
  4. she will respect my safety and wellbeing
  5. I will ask permission before eating
  6. I will ask permission before using the toilet
  7. She will choose what clothes I will wear at all times
  8. I will not engage in any sexual act without her permission
  9. I will not write about our TPE week on your blog
  10. I will wear a token of her ownership at all times

We discussed each of these rules at length, she explained what she meant by them and I asked questions which she was more than happy to answer.

When it came to the last one I showed her the collar I had bought which she was very happy with and told me I must wear it at all times when I am in the house, then she produced a white gold necklace which was made up of a thin gold band that goes around my neck and then it has a white gold padlock that fastens it as the front and hangs down like a pendant but it is a working padlock.  It’s a really beautiful necklace but I can’t take it off when its locked! I loved it.

Unfortunately I cannot write anything more about that week due to rule number nine, we discussed this rule for a while because I really wanted to write about the week but she said she wanted it to just be about the two of us and eventually I agreed.

I can say that I really enjoyed the week, it brought us even closer together despite my being very frustrated with it at times! Another thing I can say is that since the TPE week I now have layered blonde rather than brown hair!  I’m not sure if I will keep it like this or not although it has grown on me somewhat since it was done.

I guess I should explain the previous post a little. After the TPE week we went back to living in separate houses and things conspired against us and I didn’t get to see Kayleigh too much, we went from me living in her pocket to hardly seeing each for a week and for some reason I got really down about it.  I can’t really explain how I was feeling except to say that I was pretty down and then at the end of the week when I finally got to see Kayleigh she dropped a bomb shell, she wants to collar me!

This should have made me happy I think but in actually fact it filled me with fear and confusion, my reaction was not what Kayleigh was expecting or hoping for and she got quite upset about it and I don’t blame her!  I don’t want to go into too much detail about it because at this point it doesn’t really matter.

Eventually I got out of my depression and realised that this is actually something I want, I love Kayleigh and I can’t imagine not being with her and I don’t want to be without her and she loves me! I think that was part of the problem, I didn’t trust that she loved me and that this wasn’t just a bit of fun for her.

So when it came to her birthday, along with all the “normal” gifts that I gave her was my collar from the TPE week and a note saying “Please accept me as yours”.  She was shocked but very happy and so was I!

We have discussed it quite a bit since Monday (her birthday) and I think we have agreed how it will work but I will save that for another entry I think.

I’m sorry for my absence but I am back writing now, only now I’m going be owned for the first time in a long while, exciting times! I am looking forward to your comments on this surprising (for me anyway!) turn of events!

Oh, and to explain the title, I’m reading a certain trilogy of books at the moment (isn’t everyone!?) and I think Kayleigh might have already read them and starting getting ideas from them! e.g. Riding crop to the clit!

11 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Lois

  1. markh101

    Such fantastic news Lo, really, really happy for you both. Glad you made the right decision to go for it. Well done you xx

  2. Onohara

    Many, many congratulations! For both of you.

    And I claim dibs on having offered the birthday idea. 🙂

    BTW, most of us who actually live in Seattle (which has a very large kink community) are pretty embarrassed by a certain trilogy. You’ll figure out some of the reasons why, I’m sure.

    • Lois

      Haha, yes I was going to mention it being your idea in the blog but I forgot, sorry hun!

      I’m enjoying the books so far, haven’t found anything to embarrass Seattle as yet but I’m only half way through the second one. I’m not sure how they are going to make these into films, it’s just going to be porn isn’t it?!

      • Onohara

        The issues aren’t specific to Seattle. Don’t want to do a spoiler thing but many of us have big problems with the arc of the trilogy. Check back when you’re done!

        They tried twice to make a movie out of Story of O (both are dreadful). Those were decades ago, so I imagine they’d be a lot more explicit now. So much of what makes BDSM attractive – for tops OR bottoms – is mental that I have a hard time imagining that part being portrayed effectively even if the source material were better. (9 1/2 Weeks had that problem, too.) So what’s left is, yeah, basically porn. I’d like to see them get it right, but I’m not optimistic!

  3. Skin

    Hi Lois; I am very happy for you. It is always great when someone is living the life they want. However I am a bit concerned about Kayleigh getting upset. A good leader is seen from her actions when matters do not go as planned not when all is plain. Just saying. Be careful.

  4. jeeprat

    You two are made for each other ….You are both very lucky , I have to say to, that your readership …(us) are lucky that you write so well …Thanks I think though If I were your owner I would make you go into greater detail in your blog rather than restrict you .I would want people to know every facet of your submission but that’s just me .

    • Lois

      I think she just wanted to keep that week for us which I totally understand, I don’t think she will interfere with my blogging under “normal” circumstances.

  5. littlejohnd

    Hi, congratulations, glad you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I for one am here to hear about every aspect of you life, it let’sme witness the wonderful relationship that is building. I wish both of you the best of luck.


  6. leo

    Lois i am very happy to hear from you; and even more happy that the outcome was so good. just fantastic, paradise, enjoy it to the fullest. i will have to run now to see my fiancee for the apartment search in cape town. Love to you and kayleigh and all the inspiring followers.

  7. IflyHG

    Absolutely loved this post! The whole section from when she got to your house until you started discussing the TPE week was just amazing. I completely understand the TPE week being just between the two of you. I’m sorry to hear you struggled afterwards but that is part of life too sometimes.

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