I’m trying to write a post, I have 900 words already in draft but I just can’t seem to express myself this week. The words I have written lack…something and I am still figuratively gagged by some of the rules from the TPE week. I’m frustrated and irritated and……confused! As are you reading this I imagine! Sorry.

9 thoughts on “Struggling…

  1. leo

    same applies for me. relax, we are here and support you all the way. you will find the words and your feelings as you are very good in that. time will come. wish you all what you wish. cheers

  2. Onohara

    I imagine the two weeks of caged chastity/TPE – not to mention the previous several months – have been emotionally overwhelming. It’s a lot to process for yourself, let alone in a way that’s true to yourself, honors Kayleigh’s rules, AND is safe to share with a bunch of Net strangers.

    First rule: when in doubt, give it more time. We’re not your primary concern. xx

  3. BigBlue

    Take your time Lois – as Onohara says, we’re not your primary audience. There must be something in the ether this week – both you and liz seem to be having a torrid time; as are a few other ladies I know offline.
    If we (the web massive) can offer any aid, let us know. Take care – as the man says, “all good things come to an end – even bad things”. I’m referring to the confusion in case you think I’m referring to anything else.

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