Paid my debt, nearly

I’ve never been as horny and frustrated as I am right now. This is the longest period of time I have worn my chastity belt for and I never dreamed that it could make me feel like it has done. Of course I always knew it would be hard to wear the belt for this length of time, I have quite a high sex drive and rarely go a day without pleasuring myself, in fact since getting my clit pierced it is often more than once a day.

I was doing alright with it the first couple of days, I was hornier than usual but it was manageable and not really getting any worse, then on Saturday came Kayleigh’s Cruel and Unusual punishment, and it really was! As I lay there, unable to move, listening to that girl almost cum over and over and over again I just kept getting hornier and hornier. At one point I did manage to fall asleep for a couple of hours and when I woke up I was literally dripping wet and lying in a wet patch! By the time I got out of the cage my head was just ringing with the sound of that girls panting and even when I removed the headphones and went to try and get some sleep in bed I could still hear her in my head!

Then on Sunday, rather than letting me calm down “recover” Kayleigh began sending me pictures, starting at around 10am and every half an hour or so after that I received another picture on my phone. All of them were of her in various states of undress, inserting various things into her body….you get the idea. The barrage of stimulating imagery stopped in the early evening but then I have received additional pictures every now and then all week, when I least expected them, every time one popped up on my phone I was reminded how horny I was so any distraction I got from my predicament was always short-lived.

The frustration at not being able to relieve myself has just built and built every day this week and the effects of that haven’t been great for me. As it has gone on I have become more and more irritable to the point where I have become very short-tempered and have snapped at people for no rational reason. I am also very distracted and have been finding it hard to construct intelligent sentences when talking to people, then the other day I was looking at some porn (I know I don’t help myself!) and I wanted to cum so bad and I just started crying in frustration! Tears were pouring down my face and then I got really angry and had to stop myself from throwing my iPad across the room!

This has definitely made me rethink my clitoris removal fantasy! The problem is, that does make me horny so even when I think about my predicament it only makes it worse.

And that is just the chastity belt which is only one part of my punishment.

Sleeping in the cage has been difficult to say the least, it isn’t very big so moving around is difficult inside it, I have found that I can lie in a sort of slightly stretched out foetal position and that is the most comfortable I can be in there.

The first few nights I only got a couple of nights sleep but it has steadily increased since then to the point where last night I actually got six straight hours although I was pretty stiff when I woke up. The good thing is I get out at 6am and if I go straight to bed I can get an hours sleep in bed before I have to get ready for work.

One day, I think it was Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, I had to stay in an extra hour because I sent her the picture at 10.03pm instead of 10pm so I didn’t get my hour in bed that day. In fact that was yesterday? yes it’s Thursday today, I think it was yesterday. Sorry!

On top of all of that physical and mental craziness I haven’t been allowed to contact Kayleigh at all, even when she was sending me the pictures and instructions I wasn’t allowed to reply to her. That has been difficult, for the past few months I have sent her text messages every day, spoken to her on the phone every day and seen her in person more or less every other day, so going a week without even contacting her has been hard emotionally. It has been like a part of my life is missing despite the fact I had all this stuff going on to remind me of her, its quite hard to describe, especially at the moment!


Today the punishment ends! Last night was the last night in the cage and when Kayleigh comes round later tonight, I’m not sure what time, my punishment will be over, the belt will come off and I will be allowed to cum, and oh what an orgasm it is going to be! If there are no more blog entries after this one you can assumed my orgasm killed me! At least I will have died happy!

The end of my punishment also means that we can start the TPE week that Kayleigh wanted to do so I am quite excited about that. She asked me earlier in the week to get a collar so I ordered this one:

and it arrived yesterday. It fits really nice and has a padlock so the wearer can’t remove it which Kayleigh will like. I’m just hoping it is only for indoor use!

I started writing this blog an hour ago and it should have easily been done by now as it is just a quick catch up but just before I started she text me and told me to listen to the MP3 from the other day on my laptop until she tells me to turn it off. So I am back to listening to the almost cumming girl and it is extremely distracting, I keep stopping typing and absent-mindedly fondling my nipples which is something else that I have started doing in the last few days. I was sat in my office doing it the other day and didn’t even realise! Ridiculous! Thank god no-one walked in!

Still need ideas for Kayleigh’s birthday please!

5 thoughts on “Paid my debt, nearly

  1. leo

    Lois, it seems that showed quite some discipline and obedience. She must honor and satisfy you for that. she ordered you the collar, so there you go, enslavement to your lover. it will not always be easy, yet that is where you go for. happiness comes with effort and determination; and that is what you showed well. gogo

  2. Onohara

    I *knew* you’d learn to sleep in the cage. 🙂

    Nice collar!

    You should be really proud of the last week. Happy eruption!

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