Cruel and unusual

A short time ago I received an email from Kayleigh, which I can’t reply to obviously. The email had no salutation, it literally just had a set of instructions which were as follows:

  1. Download the mp3 file from here
  2. Load the mp3 onto your iPod and put it in a playlist on its own
  3. Make sure the iPod is fully charged
  4. Set an alarm on your iPod for 6am
  5. Cut two square pieces of duct tape and leave them in your cage
  6. Just before 10pm, leave your iPod just outside your cage but pass the headphones though the bars near the door end
  7. Start the playlist and put it on repeat
  8. Put your leather wrist cuffs on
  9. Get into the cage feet first and lie on your back with your legs bent up
  10. Do not take your phone, laptop or iPad into the cage tonight
  11. Insert the earphones and then place a piece of tape over each one to keep it in
  12. Reach behind your head and fasten the door and your two cuffs together with the timer lock
  13.  Sleep tight

I’ve just downloaded the file and listened to it for five minutes, I need a cold shower now! It’s basically just 24 seconds of a girl having sex and almost having an orgasm, I don’t even know why it makes me horny, but it does! I didn’t get much sleep last night but I can’t see myself getting any tonight! I think I’ll go and have a lie down now.

12 thoughts on “Cruel and unusual

  1. Simon

    She is good. You might not get much sleep overnight, whilst sleeping in the cage, MP3 etc so try and get a few hours during the day if possible. If must be exciting not knowing what is coming next and when. 🙂

      • Onohara

        Torturing you with an eight-hour loop of someone who doesn’t quite cum when you can’t relieve yourself for days? Oh, come on. It’s perfect. Incredibly cruel, sure, but also kind of brilliant. It’s the sort of mindfuckery a guy would *never* have thought of. And laughing at your own predicament is probably a healthier way to cope with it than screaming in frustration!

        She seems really good at that type of creativity. (The spider and flashing the pizza guy also come to mind as good examples of how she thinks).

        Of course, it could backfire – eight hours of memorizing every second of that tape could numb you to your own horniness. With four more nights to go, that might not be a bad outcome…

  2. CarpeDiem

    Pulling: getting a girl, origination: taking a girl back to your cave by her hair …

    Evolution… this is why lesbians have short hair


  3. leo

    Lois, 5 days in the cage now each night. maybe receiving additional erotic pictures again. need to come must be enormous, together with lack of sleep??
    I wonder what she will do when meeting. expect her to collar / enslave you??
    idea from Onohara for giving yourself at her birthday is great.
    wish you to see your dreams come true in a safe settlement.

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