My weekend in stockings

Keyleigh will be home in about two and a half hours and she is coming straight here. I have just spent the last hour putting together a delicious meal for us for when she gets here, I am looking forward to seeing her AND to putting some clothes on!  It’s not that I particularly mind being naked (well nearly naked) but it has been somewhat restrictive and I have been dying to get out in the sun!

It hasn’t been a totally uneventful weekend though. After being stuck in the dog cage for six and a half hours on Friday night I was pretty achy and stiff. I got a bite to eat and then called Kayleigh, she was very pleased with me for not complaining or asking to be let out which is good but she also implied that this was just a trial for when she puts me in the cage for real which isn’t so good. I think she is building up to keeping me in the cage for an entire weekend, Friday night to Monday morning which would be absolute hell!  So anyway, after the cage I got myself a vodka and had a nice soak in the bath for an hour before going to bed (in wet stockings).

By the morning my stiffness had gone but I had quite a sore neck, I had a shower (wet stockings again) and then got some breakfast and browsed the internet for a while, chatted to a few friends but eventually I was getting pretty bored.  I decided I would take a walk to the shop, at least it would get me out of the house and into the sun for a little while. The problem was the dress that Kayleigh had left out for me, it was a pale pink summer dress with flowers all over it. It has a halter top and then is cinched at the waist with a floaty skirt part.

The first problem is that it looks ridiculous with black stockings and the sandals that she had also left out for me. This might not seem like a big deal to most people but I like to take care of my appearance and I like to dress in a certain way, she knows this which is, I suspect, why she left this ridiculous combination for me!  I was bored enough to wear it though so I took the dress and the shoes to the front door, slid the dress on and stepped into the shoes then opened the door and walked out.

I noticed very quickly that the thin material of the dress made me feel very self-conscious knowing that it had nothing underneath, not that anyone else knew hat obviously but I couldn’t help thinking that every person I passed could tell that I was without underwear!  I few girls gave me funny looks due to my outfit I expect, there was a bit of a breeze and a couple of times it picked up my dress enough for people to see that I was wearing stockings although fortunately I managed to catch it before it revealed anything more, at least I hope I did!

I didn’t really have anything to buy from the shops so I just picked up a few essentials and some extra things for tonight’s meal and then headed back. I took my time despite feeling like everyone was looking at me, I wasn’t eager to go back into my stuffy house!

My afternoon was much like my morning, browsing the net, watching TV, playing on my xBox, nothing overly exciting. In the evening I decided to order a pizza for tea, I figures Kayleigh wouldn’t mind me putting a towel around me to answer the door but I text her to ask just in case.  The reply didn’t come for ages but when it did she said it was fine to put a towel around me, but then a few seconds later I got another text saying that while I was allowed to answer the door in the towel I was to “accidentally” drop it while I’m taking to him!

Now contrary to what people might think I am not very brave, I can take a lot of pain yes but things like this terrify me. I immediately began to panic! By the time I had got the text I knew that the delivery wouldn’t be far away, I text Kayleigh back and said “You’re joking right?” but the answer I got back left no room for doubt, she DID want me to do it.

I was still panicking when I looked out of the window and saw the guy pull up, he looked to be twenty, if that. My stomach was doing somersaults as I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and headed to the door whilst wrapping it around me and pinning it with my let arm. He knocked, I took a deep breath and then opened the door, he was all smiles, confirmed the order with me and then told me how much it was.  I picked up the cash from a table next to the door and as I handed it to him and took the pizza with my other hand I moved my arm and let the towel fall to the floor.

I could literally feel my cheeks turn red as he watched the towel fall, I watched him eyes flick to my tits, then to my crotch and then back to my face, they were as wide as dinner plates!  I said “Oh my god” and reached down to pick up the towel with my free hand, I pulled it up to cover myself but I couldn’t hold it properly and one of my tits was still showing, I just looked at him and said “keep the change” (which was almost as much as the pizza!) and turned around and kicked the door shut behind me, only realising afterwards that I had just flashed my ass to him too!!

I was completely mortified, for some reason doing this sort of thing in a vanilla setting made it so much worse, although I did find that I was more than a bit wet afterwards!  The poor guy looked more embarrassed than me though, well I saw poor guy, he did get an eyeful in the few seconds I was stood in front of him naked, and a good tip, AND a good story to tell I would imagine! They’ll be fighting over who gets to deliver my pizza next time! Oh god, I just thought, what if HE delivers it again next time!!?

I wasn’t really hungry after that to be honest but I had a few slices and it was quite good!  Later on, after I had recovered from my flashing escapade I went into the kitchen for a drink and found a HUGE spider in the middle of the floor! It was only a house spider but it was HUUUGE!  I quickly grabbed a glass and put it over it which is about as brave as I get when it comes to spiders, I usually have to get someone else to come and remove it and then the glass has to be washed thoroughly!  Only this time I couldn’t get someone to remove it because I couldn’t get dressed so instead I just left it where it was, skirting around the edges of the kitchen (like a complete wimp!) and went back upstairs.

I was talking to someone on chat and he asked if Kayleigh was afraid of them, I realised I didn’t know so I text her and told her about the giant monster in the kitchen and asked if she would move it for me. She text back with a somewhat different response than I had expected. She said to leave it where it was because she thinks she has a good use for it. Well I don’t know where your mind is going reading that but mine was going to some very disturbing places, I HATE spiders!!

Today has been extremely uneventful, I’ve just been chilling out and watching TV, playing some games and then getting tea ready. I’m really excited to see Kayleigh later on, although I’m more than a little nervous about the spider situation! We will see what happens I guess!

11 thoughts on “My weekend in stockings

  1. jeeprat

    I would love to tell you what I would do to you with that spider ,but Im not that fond of them myself ……I do hope though that Kayleigh is not bothered by them and has thought of something interesting ……………grin

  2. Simon

    I am interested to see the sort of Domme Kayleigh is and I think the Spider usage will tell. For me, its a phobia and I wouldn’t play with that, just remove it from the house.

      • Simon

        Hi Lois, my 1st response received back an error so this may come up twice.
        I was very impressed with you both. Kayleigh – just the right amount of wicked balanced with control and care. And you, overcoming a very real fear,so rightly proud of yourself, amazing stuff. A great couple, a great relationship

  3. leo

    I notice that Kayleigh is progressing in submitting you and you wishing to follow her, as it excites you. i wish her to progress on fully enslaving and owning you as her slave. she will, and you will call her ma’am as she is to be your owner. I will follow the story with interest and wish you the slave position you desire and both full happiness. leo

  4. leo

    following her way with you, i see that she is determined that you will be with her and under her ownership, yet she builds it up learning from you your consent with that lifestyle being owned and serving. having her tag hanging from your clit, and having you caged. the next move must be that you are without underwear at all times.
    i trust and wish you to be a fully owned slave soon; and not only that, that she also will have you out of the box not only as a lesbian, but as an owned slave to your lover. keep happy.

    • Lois

      I can’t see myself ever being openly and publically in the BDSM scene unless it became mainstream and accepted, it just isn;t compatable with my chosen career.

      As for becomming owned by Kayleigh, I think that is a long way off yet but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it eventually. A lot of things have to go right for us to get that far though so we will see I suppose!

      • leo

        Lois, good day, i later read your history, and I fully understand your position both from your previous experiences and the relocation, as well your career. As far as kayleigh, I see that she loves to be with you as well as the whole concept. she moves and acts quickly. I am interested to follow it. wish you happiness in all!

  5. IflyHG

    I was curious if you had a back yard where you could have gone to get out of the house and get some sun, even in your state of undress. I loved the pizza delivery scene, it sounds like this could have been an opportunity for Kayleigh to challenge you in the future. It’s no fun being bored, I was thinking Kayleigh should have given you some tasks for the weekend, things you could have done indoors. Build yourself some homemade BDSM gear or the like.

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