Kayleigh is away this weekend visiting some friends of hers in another part of the country so I am spending the weekend on my own. Before she goes though she wanted to come to see me for half an hour so I waited and she turned up a 4.30pm.

When she arrived I was kneeling about a meter inside the front door with my hair tied back tightly, black makeup on my eyes and wearing nothing but some black stockings. When she opened the door (she has a key now) her face broke into a big smile!

She walked over to me, pulled my head against her thigh and tilted upwards so I was looking up at her then said “Good girl, stay down there but follow me”. Then she walked into my bedroom.

I followed on my hands and knees managing to give myself a friction burn on my knee on the way, when I got into the bedroom she had moved the dog cage into the middle of the rom at the foot of the bed, I crawled over to her and it. She squatted down and gave me a deep and passionate kiss that lasted a good minute and made me wet, the she said “In”.

I admit I started to panic a bit and just looked at her blankly until she said “IN!” in a more demanding voice. I turned slowly and backed my way into the cage whilst panicking in my head that she was going to lock me in there until she came back. Things were running through my head like how am I going to eat or drink?! She shut the door and walked out of the room.

The cage is pretty small, on all fours my back is pretty near the top but it is long enough that I have a bit of room in front of me if I go right to the back. It’s had to move around at all though so getting into any kind of comfortable position it a challenge.

She came back into the room carrying my iPad and phone and put them into the cage with me, I didn’t touch them, I just watched her in disbelief, she really was going to lock me in!!

She shut the door again and this time disappeared into my closet, I heard my toy chest being opened (she has a key for that now too) and then she comes back with a couple of padlocks. She puts one around the bars of the side door and locks it and then the second around the bars of the main door so neither can be opened. Then she produces a little box with a four digit combination on it from her bag, she drops both keys into it and then locks it and sets all the numbers back to zero before sliding it through the bars with a big grin on her face, then she sits down in front of the cage.

I’m going to go now or else I’ll be late for the train, I will text you the code to the key box later on tonight, probably, so you can get out. Don’t try and open it until I text you. Now, what is the password for your FindMyiPhone thing? <I told her my password>

OK, you aren’t allowed to leave the grounds of the house until I come back, the only exception is that you can walk to the shop if you need food but go straight there and come straight back. Keep your phone with you at all times, I’m going to check your location every so often and if you are somewhere you’re not supposed to be….well, you don’t want to know what will happen!

You won’t take off those stockings and you won’t put anything else on either, unless you go to the shop in which case you are allowed to put the dress that I have left out for you on but you have to take it off the moment you get back.

Do you understand?

<I nodded>

OK, see you on Sunday my girl.

And then she got up and left me there. And that’s where I still am!

It is now 7.25pm so I’ve been in here for two and a half hours and I am so uncomfortable! I’ve tried lots of different positions and the only one that is comfortable is if I curl into a sort of foetal position so I’m staying like that for now.

Hopefully she will text soon and I will be able to get out because I am starving and really need to stretch out! I hadn’t planned on doing much this weekend anyway but it looks like I won’t be doing anything now AND it’s the first weekend it’s been sunny in ages and I can’t put any clothes on to go out in it!!!

I can’t see what she’s left out for me to wear to the shops but I’m sure it will be completely unsuitable, she is funny like that! I will let you know when/if I get out of this stupid cage!!

How long should I wait before I ask to be let out?

Update: 11.27pm

I got a text from Kayleigh about five minutes ago and after some fumbling in the dark I managed to retrieve the keys and let myself out of the cage. My whole body aches and it is hard to move my arms and legs, I’ve never been so uncomfortable for so long!

This is the text she sent:
Hello my slutty sub, how are you enjoying your cage? I think you’ve been in there long enough now, the code for the keys is 2604, your birthday! Go and get something to eat and then call me in 15 mins xx

SIX AND A HALF HOURS I was in that bloody thing!

20 thoughts on “Caged

  1. Alex

    Well … I think she is good with you … If I was in her shoes I would have also taken some toys out of your chest and used them on you, not only caged you.
    However, since it is a sunny weekend, I would have asked you to go tanning naked somewhere out in public!
    In any case, enjoy your predicament!!

  2. alan

    I like this seeing you in the cage, hopefully kaylie forgets and leaves you there until she gets back, next time she should put a joinis buttyfly on your clit, and a vibrater in your cunt and a extra wide vibrating butt plug up your ass , plus she should get a bigger cage and put a dog in the cage and you have to give it head until she gets back , I DARE YOU TO TELL HER THIS.

  3. Liz

    haha i loved this Lo

    very cool!

    I’d have been terrified that something will happen to Kayleigh and i’d be stuck in there til i had to get help! With my worrying too – i’d actually end up believing that after 6 and half hours!

    Sounds fun though, i want a go!

    • Lois

      You’re nuts hun, fun would be laying in the bright sunshine sipping a nice drink of something, not being stuck in a cage for hours!

      Not that I can do that either as I’m only aloud to wear these stockings. I had to have a shower in them this morning!

      If I’m honest though, I was really horny when I was watching her put the locks on the cage from inside! You’ll have to get yourself one, the cage wasn’t too expensive and the key box was very cheap apparently, maybe M could leave you in it when he’s finished with you. You’d get the combination eventually, just start at 0001!

  4. Simon

    Enjoying the Blog and your predicament this weekend. Its a bit breezy out so I hope the dress Kayleigh picked out is short and flimsy. That will make walking to the shops a little adventure all is own.

    • Lois

      The dress she left out is this little summer dress which is quite short but not really short and will look absolutely ridiculous with black stockings!

  5. Alex

    I strongly believe you shou would text her asking her to let you go out in the sun enjoying the day … and you would do something else for her instead … dont miss the day !!

  6. Onohara


    How were you s’posed to pee?

    My “record” was 48 hrs in a similar position, in a cage somewhat larger (but also I’m pretty tall), being taken out twice for, uh, use, but that was it. Not allowed to come, though I desperately wanted to both for the obvious reason and to relieve the tedium. (At least she didn’t leave you in your chastity belt all weekend!) I had a bucket to use, which was foul. My back was sore for a week. I loved it. We’re all twisted in our own ways…

    • Lois

      I guess I wasn’t, fortunately I didn’t really need to! 48 hours would be an eternity! I think I would go mad although I expect I will find out at some point soon!

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