My toy chest

I’ve had my toy chest for several years, it’s a black leather trunk like the one pictured above. It is a 2×1 foot rectangle and about a foot high, has a locking latch on the front and lives at the bottom of my walk in wardrobe, which sounds fancy but is basically just a small closet where I keep my clothes…and toys!

As those who follow this blog regularly will know, I have being dancing around showing Kayleigh the contents of my toy chest for some time mainly because I was worried about what her reaction would be.

You can read a list of the contents of my chest here, they are basically things I have collected over the years for use in bedroom play some of which are fairly tame like vibrators and handcuffs and some of which are fairly extreme like BBQ skewers and a speculum made for horses!

NOTE: The horse speculum was an epic failure as I could only just get it in me and even then when I tried to open it the thing just kept sliding out!

I did think about taking some of the more extreme things out before showing it to Kayleigh but then I thought that it wouldn’t be a good representation of me and I really wanted her to see the full, uncensored version of me in all my depraved glory!  I think what really scared me was possibility that she would see that and run a mile and I really don’t handle rejection very well, I protect myself against it as much as possible!

However, things have been going very well with Kayleigh of late and I feel we are growing closer all the time, she does seem to get me and I think I get her and we both seem to give each other what we need in the BDSM word AND in normal everyday life. So I decided to just go for it.

Unfortunately life conspired against me and the weekend I was intending to reveal all to her my mother got ill and had to go into hospital, so I headed back to Cornwall to see her and that opportunity was gone.

By the way, thank you for the well wishes, she is out of hospital and doing fine now.

Then the weekend before last I was going to show her on Saturday night after a nice meal that I was going to cook, but she had to work, she has an evening job in a bar as her secretary job doesn’t bring in enough money. Finally a week last Sunday we got to have the evening together and I showed her my toys.

I think I made a bigger deal of it than I needed to, I think she thought I was going to reveal to her that I used to be a man or something!

We had a nice meal which I had cooked and I told her that I had something to show her and that I had been keeping it from her because I was worried how she would react and that I didn’t want to scare her off. Sometimes when I’m nervous I can just talk for England even though in my head I’m saying “Stop talking now, stop, no really stop”!

So I lead her into the bedroom where I had put the open chest on my bed and I went and sat beside it on the bed.  I told her that it was my toy chest and that it contained all of the toys I have collected over the years, I told her that I had used all of them or had them used on me at one time or another.

She didn’t say anything at first, she just started picking things up out of the chest and looking at them, I couldn’t stand silence so I started talking again, I said that I knew some of them are a bit weird and quite extreme and that is why I wanted to show her so she could see the how far my kinks go because I didn’t want to keep any of that from her…..she put a finger on my lips, then she smiled and pulled out a ball gag.

I opened my mouth as she pushed the ball in and fastened the strap tight enough to hurt, then she grinned a little more and pulled out a padlock and slipped it through the ring on the buckle to lock the gag.

Next she pulled out a pair of clover clamps which went straight on to my nipples. She roughly pulled my top down, grabbed each nipple and attached the clamps then gave them a tug causing an exquisite pinch in both my nips simultaneously.

The next item to come out was the collar and lead, she had a very wicked grin on her face as she buckled the leather collar loosely around  my neck and let the lead (leash) hang between my breasts.

A pair of handcuffs went on my wrists behind my back and then she attached another pair just above my elbows, this pulled my arms right back and into a very uncomfortable position but I just sat there and let her have her fun.

She continued going through the chest pulling out dildos and clamps and plugs, then she got to the box of nails. They are long thin nails and I keep them in a plastic box filled with surgical spirit, I watched her as she opened it and took out a nail, she touched the sharp point with her finger and then sort of shrugged and put it back in the box and sealed it again.  This was one of the items I was worried about because it’s fairly extreme to have nails put into you but she didn’t seem bothered at all by it!

The chest has a little tray at the bottom with compartments in it which I use to keep different kinds of toys separate and easy to find.  She had come to the plugs compartment and went through them one at a time, the first three are just rubber anal plugs of different sizes, the fourth is a solid steel one with a D ring on the end of it (the end that stays outside!).  The fifth is a very recent purchase, it looks like a normal metal plug but when you push a ring in at the end the plug opens up like the petals on a flower which makes it much large inside you and completely impossible to remove. The finishing touch is that when it is open you can use a padlock to keep it open and therefore prevent it being removed.

Kayleigh messed about with it for a little while whilst I watched, there is a little rubber ring that goes around the plug to keep the “petals” closed when it isn’t being used and once she figured out that came off she soon figured out the true cruel purpose of the toy, and wanted to try it out.

She told me to get off the bed and when I hopped off she turned me round and bent me over it. She lifted my skirt over my ass and then ran the cold metal plug along my slit, then she pushed it inside my pussy and pulled it back out. When she pulled my ass cheeks apart and put the plug to my hole I could feel my juices on it, no need for lube when your sub is always wet!

My ass it quite tight but she applied plenty of force and the plug went it fairly easily, my ass stretching to take it all in, then she opened the petals.  It’s a very odd feeling when it opens up inside you, its painful but it’s also just very weird, I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway I yelped when she opened it and it stretched my insides, then she very quickly locked it with another padlock.

She left me bent over the bed while she went through the rest of my toys and then all of sudden flipped me over onto back. My arms were agony when I put all my weight on them and handcuffs dug in painfully, I forgot all that though when she held up the horse speculum and raised her eyebrows in a “what the fuck?” expression! I just looked at her, went red, and tried to smile (not easy with a ball gag in your mouth!).

I watched as she opened it up and then put her arm through the middle of it and then laid it on my stomach so the bottom was level with the opening of my pussy, it came up almost to my tits! She just laugh and shook her head and threw it back in the chest.

I watched her throw all of the toys that she had taken out (and not used) back into the chest with horror. I’m not a particularly tidy person but I always keep my toy chest pristine!  The only thing she kept out was a paddle.

She took hold of my leash and helped me get up off the bed and the led me to the lounge where she sat on the sofa and gestured for me to kneel in front of her which I did.

She spoke in a soft kind voice and told me that she was very happy that I wanted to show her my toys and that I shouldn’t have been worried because nothing in there shocked her or worried her, not even the “ridiculous speculum”. She said that I shouldn’t have kept it a secret though and that she felt that the paddle (she held it up) would help me to remember not to keep things from her in future.

She pulled my leash and motioned for my to get up onto the sofa so I climbed up and she got me laid across her lap with my ass over her knees. As soon as I was in position she started to hit my ass with the paddle.

It wasn’t too bad at first, she wasn’t hitting me that hard and she was alternating between ass cheeks as she went. She kept it up at a constant speed, SMACK on the left cheek then SMACK on the right and then SMACK on the left.  After a few minutes it started to get uncomfortable and then after about ten minutes it was really starting to burn. She had increased the speed or the force but it my ass was really starting to get tender and sore!

After about fifteen minutes it was really starting to hurt lot, my ass felt like it was burning and every hit with the paddle sent a shocking sting through my ass. I tried to move my ass away to give me a seconds rest from it but she had her spare hand on my lower back and held me down firmly with it.

After twenty minutes I had tears running down my cheeks and I was trying to beg her to stop through the gag but she ignored me and continued with the relentless SMACKing of the paddle. I can’t remember anyone ever giving me such consistent punishment for such a long time before ever, it was absolute torture, much worse than ten really hard whacks with a cane, that is like a really fast big pain and then it subsides to a manageable level, this started off completely bearable but became excruciating and by the time she finished after thirty minutes I was an absolute mess, I was sobbing and trying to get away.

She hadn’t talked to me the whole time but now that she had finished she told me to kneel back in front of her. I VERY gingerly got back onto the floor on my knees and knelt up in front of her, she just smiled sweetly and said “kneel down hunni” so I lowered my ass onto my heels and closed my eyes as I put my weight on my tender rear, it hurt so bad!

She looked into my eyes and I looked into hers (god I love her eyes!) and she said “OK, have you learnt your lesson?” and I nodded emphatically to which she said “So no more secrets?” and I nodded again, then she smiled and said “Good girl”. She says that to e all the time, it’s so patronising, I love it!

She came around behind me and I felt immense relief in my arms as she released first the elbow cuffs and then the wrist cuffs before sitting back down in front of me. I shook some life back into my arms as she watched me then she said “open you legs” which I did whilst blushing because I knew it was rather wet down there! She grinned and said “now cum for me”.

I leaned back and supported myself on my left arm while my right hand went down between my legs and began a circular motion around my clit. It’s so easily for me to make myself cum since I got my piercing and I was moaning within thirty seconds and cumming within a minute!

She had to go home shortly after that, she left me in the gag, collar, plug and clamps but said I could remove them once she’d gone. The only problem was that she’d pulled all of the keys out of the padlocks in my chest and left them all in a big pile in the bottom, including the ones for the gag and plug!

After I’d finally got myself free of everything and tidied up my chest (over an hour later) I went for a shower. My ass was red raw and really bruised, it felt even worse than right after the paddling and I couldn’t sit down at all. I went to sleep lying naked on my front with no covers on me.

The next day I didn’t have any choice but to sit down as I was in work and it was pure hell. I couldn’t sit still all day because it was so sore and it was the end of the week before it started to feel better really.

This was all a couple of weeks ago now and its all healed up fine now, I still can’t believe how much of an affect it had just doing a constant rhythm of hits, I think we’re going to have to experiment with this a bit more!!

Life is very busy at the moment with work, that’s why the posts have been lacking a bit, I’ve been writing this one post for ages just trying to get enough time to finish it! Oh well, you’ll just have to bear with me whilst work is like it is I’m afraid.

The dreaded dog cage has arrived, I can’t remember if I’ve said that already, we had a little test of it last weekend and it is really quite small, not that I am particularly big there still isn’t much room to move around in it, I just know I’m going to be spending some serious time in it soon though!

Kayleigh says that the locking piercing ring has arrived too, I haven’t seen it yet but I’m hoping she is going to put it in soon, it makes me really horny thinking about having it locked in me!  The idea will be that the dog tag clip is soldered as well so that will be hanging from my clit “permanently” when she fastened on the piercing ring as well! Very exciting!

Last thing, I promised no more secrets after the paddling and since then it’s been eating away at me that she doesn’t know about this blog. The problem is that once I tell her about it I won’t be able to talk about her anymore or ask people’s opinions about things because she will be able to read it all whenever she wants. This blog my only real outlet for me to talk about my BDSM lifestyle except for a couple of friends from on here (you know who you are hun x) and I’m not sure I want to give that up. But if I don’t then I am effectively lying to my Domme and that makes me a very bad sub. I’m very conflicted about this!

9 thoughts on “My toy chest

  1. jeeprat

    You are very lucky to have found Kayligh and she is just as lucky to have you as her sub …..but you will have to tell her about this blog at some time .You have told Kayleigh no more secrets …….If you you were my sub …….well I would be upset but not as upset as you would be …………..

    • jeeprat

      If you were my sub and I found out now about your blog I would make you reveal things about yourself ie photos etc that you might not like …………

  2. Onohara

    To me the bigger blog issue is that you’ve been sharing intimate details of your time with Kayleigh – whether or not that’s her actual name – without her permission. If I were a top in that situation, that would anger me more than the existence of the blog itself.

    If that’s NOT a problem: Would it be possible for you to explain to Kayleigh, as you have here, that the blog helps you relieve your isolation (in terms of your ability to talk about what turns you on) and helps you process things with others’ help, and that it would work best for you if you were confident she didn’t read it? Would she understand and respect that?

    So far: she know that you’re experienced, and could reasonably guess from that that you’re still in contact, one way or another, with other people in the kink world. Your toy chest alone is evidence that you didn’t just figure this all out in isolation. 🙂 The blog might not be as much of a surprise to her as you think. The specificity with which you’ve described at least some of your play with her might feel like a violation, though.

    Oh, and that anal plug with locking petals…I want!

    • Lois

      It’s a really devious device and it’s quite heavy so you always know it’s there even if you get used to the stretched feeling!

      I can take any punishment she dishes out when she finds out about the blog, what I wouldn’t be ale to take is losing it as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings!

      I still don’t know what to do, I’m not going to tell her for the moment though I don’t think.

  3. Alex

    In a relationship, it is true, there should be no lies, as there should be no fears revealing your true self. Your relationship with Kayleigh goes better and better, perhaps yes you should tell her about your blog, but I sincerely hope she will appreciate it and let’s you continue posting, or even better ask you to do so on a more permanent basis, while she also contributes in her way in this blog.

  4. Phil

    Hi again pup slave. I ‘told’ you, your Owner would be upset that you keep this a secret. I understand why you think you need to, but as a Master, I can see how once Kayleigh finds out, you will get the beating of your life. Just tell her the truth. Tell her why you kept the blog hidden, and then apologize. One thing that I really love is when one of My slaves takes the initiative. Perhaps, the slut should list out some possible punishments (be very firm with yourself, but fair) to your Owner in advance, for your indiscretion. The punishment MUST fit the crime, but I think Kayleigh will appreciate your pro-activeness.

    It sounds like the 2 of you are perfect for one another, though, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Miss you on SF though…

    Why can’t you be a hetro-slave? 😉 You seem so fun and sexy.



  5. Terence Sarge

    It is a.great fantasy for me to have the use of both you and your toy box for several days. As.I read the complete list of the items you have collected, I have imagined how I might be able to utilize each and every item for the most painful effect on you. I would also put to use several of my own unbearably painful toys. My goal is of course to torture you until you have been crying and begging for mercy contiuously for 24 hours. Imagine how your pussy will feel after I RAM my large gyn speculum in your cunt and open it as wide as possible. I know it won’t slip out especially when you spend the whole night riding the pony.

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