This and that…

A bit of a disappointment tonight, Kayleigh had to work so she couldn’t come round so the big toy chest reveal has had to be delayed again! Maybe it’s not supposed to happen!

Some interesting things have happened today though, I sent her a link to this site that sells locking jewellery and (as I hoped) she has ordered me a locking piecing ring! I’m very excited because I really wanted one of these and it’s quite a lot for her to spend so it’s quite a special thing for her to do for me.  The piercing hasn’t completely healed yet but I don’t care, I’m going to let her put this in as soon as it arrives and she is going to keep the “key” which makes me so horny just thinking about it!

She said when I put that one in I also have to start wearing my tag full time and she is going to get someone to solder up the catch to it so that it is difficult to remove, not that I would anyway! I suggested getting a more elegant silver chain to attach the tag but she says she likes it like it is, like a proper dog collar tag rather than something fancy, I have to admit I did feel really humiliated when she said that, in a good way!

In other news she has been pestering me on and off for over a month to buy this dog cage. I’ve been putting it off and “forgetting” to order it as long as possible because, to be honest, I don’t really want to spend long periods of time in a small uncomfortable cage! However, she gave me an ultimatum this morning, either I order it today or I wear my chastity belt for 30 days. I forwarded her the order confirmation about ten minutes later!

Did I give in too easily? probably, but I am only just starting to get used to wearing underwear with my piercing, can you imagine what it would be like with a chastity belt on 24/7, I’d go completely crazy if I couldn’t “deal with” the frustration that builds up during every day! Anyway, she made me get express delivery so it will arrive Monday or Tuesday at the latest and I’m sure she’ll want to test it out straight away, lucky me!

And last but not least, I got very excited this morning when I was watching something on TV and they started talking about microchipping dogs! I’ve been reading up about it all day, you can buy the chips and the forms to register them with a national database online, you’d just need to find someone willing and able to implant it! Apparently they would be perfectly safe for use in humans! Can you imagine having a microchip placed into your body that when scanned by a vet(!) would give details of where you lived and who owned you? It makes me so horny just thinking about it! Is that really weird!?

I was thinking about it earlier and fantasizing about it, tied down and blindfolded while the injector is pushed into me in different places all over my body so that I have no idea where the chip has been placed, just that it is inside me and I will be forever on the “pet register”! In fact now I think about it, this should be a new feature of the slave register website! Where is their suggestions page….?

16 thoughts on “This and that…

  1. Onohara

    I love being caged. It’s very, very humiliating. (*shivers thinking about it*) I’ll bet you’ll like it. And the microchip idea is fabulous! You’re very lucky to have such an, er, understanding mistress. 🙂

    • Lois

      I haven’t raised the microchipping idea with her yet, its a bit out there to be honest but when I thought of it I just got so wet!

      Not convinced about the cage, it depends how she uses it I guess, I like to spread out when I sleep and I think I might struggle in there!

      • Onohara

        That’s true, we’re different that way. I’ve spent enough (very pleasant) nights being tied up that I rarely move in my sleep any more. My body just assumes that it’s not possible!

  2. jeeprat

    There will be another time to show your toys , I will be interesting to read of Kayleigh’s reaction …. Do post a photo of your new ring in place ………

  3. alan

    I think you should get the chip and get it implanted and also I think you should have your clit removed and then also have your overies removed and be fucked by bulls and horse for a week , that would be a total of two weeks , one week for different bulls ,and one week for different stallions and they should do your mouth , ass and pussy

  4. Skin

    Interesting cage. There are different sizes and except for the smallest there are separators for it. So if you get one where you fit comfortably Kayleigh can always put in the separator to make t smaller for you. Also there is a cover so you can be put in it, covered and left invisible in a corner until someone needs you. Well done on the choice.

  5. JD

    I’ve noticed the change to the background for a while and thought there was something special (too much symbols). I think this is the most appropriate place to put my comment. Very well done and nicely integrated, however I cannot detect the bc and it has a hell of a time picking out the special keys from the mirrors.

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