Out of the closet and into the…

Sorry I’ve left you hanging for so long without finishing the tale of my birthday, its been a somewhat busy week since my wonderful weekend and I’ve struggling to sit down and do some writing!

So when I finished off last time I’d just got my piercing done and I was heading home to get ready for my birthday drinks with friends. Well Kaleigh drove home because we didn’t think it would be a good idea for me to. She was very excited after the performance at the piercing studio and so was I, she said she loved it that she had got my clit pierced and that she felt more like my Domme than she had the whole time, that gave me nice warm feelings inside!

I sometimes have doubts about us, she is a lot younger than me which I think I’ve mentioned about a thousand times! I love it from one perspective, being Domme’d by someone younger is a big turn on for me, Jo was younger than me as well, although not by quite so much.  From another perspective it makes me feel like she is just having some fun with me and will move onto someone else at any minute. I think getting the piercing has made me feel better though, because she wouldn’t have done that if she wasn’t intending sticking around….would she?

Anyway, by the time we go home we were both very horny and she was all over me the minute we got through my front door, her fingers were up my skirt playing with the piercing which was a little sore but it felt good. I kissed and chewed her neck (which she loves) while she pulled a pair of cuffs out of my bag and locked my wrists behind my back, then she pushed me to my knees and I pushed my face into her naked pussy, no idea how long she’d been commando for!

We were still in the hall of my house with her against the wall and me down between her legs, I thought she was just about ready to cum but she pulled me away by the hair and gently pulled me down onto my back the doorway to the front room, it was uncomfortable lying on my arms but I didn’t exactly have a choice. Next she kneels either side of my head and pushes her pussy into my face and begins to grind herself into my mouth. I try my best to help her along with my tongue got she is doing all the work really, she cums hard very quickly whilst smearing her juices all over my face, she tastes wonderful!

When she’s done she gets up and tells me she’s going for a shower, which means I didn’t get to cum, very frustrating! I manage to get back to my feet after a minute of struggling and go and sit on the bed. By the time she comes back from the shower, all sexy and naked and soaking wet (dripping water all over my carpet!!) she unlocks my cuffs so I can go for one.  I’m really horny and try to come on to her but she says “get off me you’re all dirty!” so I go for a shower instead, a cold one!

We spend the next hour getting ready, I won’t write about that because it’s just the same as any other two girls getting ready!  The only difference is that this is the point I realised that tight underwear (all of my underwear is tight!) just doesn’t agree with a new clitoris piercing!  Firstly because it was still a sore, especially after Kayleigh’s rigorous playing with it, and partially because I could already feel the added sensation in it. So, much to Kayleigh’s amusement I went out sans knickers.

I think she could tell I was nervous in the taxi ride because she held my hand and smiled at me a lot. I kept tight hold of her hand and was still holding it when we walked into the first bar. Only a couple of my friends had arrived, Beth and Sarah, so I introduced then to Kayleigh and her to them, I didn’t say who she was at that point and I don’t know if they noticed us holding hands when we walked in. Kayleigh asked if they wanted a drink and then disappeared off to the bar (she didn’t ask me what I wanted!).

So this is where it got a bit awkward! They asked me who she was and I just went bright red, I think they guessed before I managed to get the words out but I eventually said “she’s my girlfriend”. They looked pretty shocked, which is really the result of how secretive I am about my real personal life! Kayleigh arrived back with drinks at that point, mine being a pear vodka with lemonade which is my favourite!

I was expecting my two friends to just shut up about it when Kayleigh came back but in fact they just went straight into asking questions about it! They asked how long we’d been seeing each other, how we met, basically all of the usual questions which relaxed me about the whole thing quite quickly even though I didn’t answer any of them, Kayleigh handled it all, she was great!

When my other two friends arrived Beth did my job for me and introduced Kayleigh as my girlfriend. More shocked faces but they seemed fine with it as well and asked the same questions all over again. More drinks arrived shortly after and all was going well, then Beth asked me to come to the toilets with her.

Beth is the friend that I have known the longest since moving to Cambridge and as soon as we were alone she was like “Oh My God! Since when do you like girls?!” and it was back to me going bright red! I explained as best I could about how I think I am bi-sexual really but that I prefer the company of women. She said she wondered why I never went out with any guys and I just blushed more and giggled a bit. She asked why I never told her and I said I didn’t know if people would understand or how they’d react. She was really fine about it though which was a massive relief because I would be lost without my friends!

Finally before we left the bathrooms she said “So do you fancy me?”, I said “Of course hun!”.

The rest of the night out won’t be very interesting to you I don’t think, basically just a bunch of girls on a night out. Everyone got on very well with Kayleigh, which is very good news. The only interesting part was when, after a lot of drinks, the girls insisted that Kayleigh and I kiss in the middle of a nightclub to “prove that we’re together”! We did, and it was so hot and I loved it!

By the time we got home we were both pretty drunk, me more than her though as everyone was buying me drinks all night. We went straight to the bedroom and were all over each over, our clothes came off quickly and the cuffs came out of her overnight bag just as quickly. I laid on the bed and let her cuff my wrists around a bar in the bed head, then she pulled some clover clamps from her bag and after pinching each nipple to get it hard she applied those, giving them a little tug to make sure they were tight.

I love wearing clamps on my nipples, its such an exquisite pain that I can’t get enough of and when they are removed the sensation is just amazing!

After leaving me for a minute she comes back and has a riding crop in her hand and a big smile on her face.  She tells me to open my legs so I bring my feet up to my ass and spread my knees wide, totally exposing my pussy and thighs.

I watch intently as she lines up the crop on my thigh and then swings high and then the crop makes a loud swish before it whacks my inner thigh just below my pussy.  I jump a little but that’s it, no yelping or closing my legs, she looks at me expectantly and I just smile back. She whacks my thigh again, a little harder this time but I still only just a little bit and make no sound. It does hurt quite a lot but I have a fairly high pain threshold and I think the drink has just made it higher.

On the third hit I do yelp and I do close my legs, this time she hasn’t swatted me with the leather end of the whip, she’s hit me with the hard stick part of it and damn it hurt like crazy on the sensitive flesh of my inner thigh!

She says “Open your legs birthday girl, you’ve got another 27 to go yet!” (it was my 28th birthday) so I open my legs and my eyes at the same time, she has a wicked grin on her face now that she has got a good reaction from me. I manage to keep my legs open for the next four strikes on that thigh, she leaves about an inch gap between each and stripes all the way down my thigh, then she moves around the other side of the bed.

Once again the first blow is just below my pussy and it is the worst one yet, I yelp loud and can’t help but close my legs but she just grabs the one she is “working on” and yanks it towards her before striking it again…and again…and again…and again.

Getting for all at once, all extremely hard is a lot to take and it almost brings me to tears but I bite my lip and keep the screams inside!

My thighs are on fire, the stinging, burning feeling where the crop has hit are agony but I love it and I know I am sopping wet. Kayleigh brushes my hair out of my eyes with her hand and kisses my forehead, “only 18 to go” she says softly.

She is still on my left hand side when she picks up the chain connecting the nipple clamps and holds it up in the air. She keeps pulling until my nipples are stretched out and the clamps are biting hard, then she smacks the crop into the top of my tits.

For some reason I wasn’t really expecting it despite the obviousness of what she was intending. My body jerks and I feel the added bite of the clamps and the sting of the crop at the same time and can’t help letting out a little scream. Kayleigh drops the chain and disappears to my laundry basket, returning after a few seconds with a pair of my dirty underwear which she stuffs into my mouth, I bite down on it.

She picks up the chain again and makes it taut before laying another blow on the top of my tits, closer to my body this time, it isn’t quite as hard but it still stings.  The next one it is just above my nipples and that stings like crazy and I’m screaming into the gag whilst tears escape my eyes involuntarily.

She climbs onto the bed and straddles me, slides her hand between my legs and runs her fingers up my very wet slit and smiles, then climbs off the other side and picks up the chain again.

I brace myself, close my eyes and bite down hard on my panty gag. The first one hits me right next to my chest on the very tender skin under my breasts, but she doesn’t stop there, she continues with two more strokes, one in the middle and one just below my nipples.

By the time she lets go of the chain my screaming is loud despite the gag and I’m pulling at my wrist cuffs, my tits are on fire and I just want to grab hold of them but I can’t! She watches me writhing on with bed while she absentmindedly strokes the little tuft of hair above her pussy which I can see is glistening with her own juices.

I’ve just about calmed down when she tells me to turn over, I comply obediently and am rewarded with ten hard and fast whacks on my ass. I can take these much easier as I have taken many crop on my ass but my the end it is still red raw and burning hot.

I am not expecting the penultimate one when it lands just below my shoulder blades. I’ve got quite a bony back and this is quite a different pain to the blows on the fleshier parts of my body, I yelp and spit out the panty gag before burying my face in the pillow.

She gives me a moment to recover from that one but them tells me to hold up my feet. Now I came take quite a heavy beating but I enjoy it the most in my groin, on my ass and on my tits. It gets gradually less enjoyable as you move away from those areas. Being hit on the feet is NOT enjoyable for me, but I bent my knees and held me feet in the air.

The pain was excruciating! She hit me right in the arch of both feet and stung like nothing she had done so far! Despite that though I didn’t scream or yelp or moan, I just screwed up my eyes and went completely silent!

I didn’t even notice she had gone until Kayleigh came back and sat on the bed beside me. I jumped a little as I felt something cold on my welting ass and then felt her begin to spread the cream all over. I thought it was some antiseptic or something at first until I felt the stinging in the welts and the familiar burning sensation of deep heat.

She smeared it all over my ass and then turned my over and I watched her smiling face as she rubbed it into my tits and then spread my legs and coated my thighs.  The stinging burn that had settled down at most of the crop strikes became worse than ever as the deep heat kicked in and my whole body became hot and I started panting. I was so horny.

Kayleigh finished on my thighs and moved her hand to my wet pussy she ran her fingers up my throbbing slit being careful to avoid my clit. I had just started to feel the deep heat on my most sensitive area when she pushed her two fingers inside me and began fucking me with them, my pussy was immediately on fire with lust rather than from the deep heat.

When I came only moments later she pulled the clamps off my nipples and I had an earth shattering amazing orgasm, the sensations through my whole body contributing to it.

Whilst I recovered she unlocked my cuffs and released my aching arms, then held me tight to her, it was the most content I’ve felt in years.  After a little while she rolled onto her back, spread her legs and looked at me, I obediently went to work on pleasing my Domme.

That is pretty much the end of the story of my birthday, the next morning Kayleigh went off to work and I spent most of the day trying to recover from a serious hangover! The marks from the crop weren’t as bad as I had expected but you could clearly see where each one had landed. I treated them with some cream but I was sore for a good few days. The ones on the bottom of my feet made it particularly hard to wear any decent shoes for nearly a week!

The fallout from the big announcement has been much smaller than I thought, my friends seem to have taken the news well although I have had to have the same conversation three times basically explaining myself for keeping it a secret so long and not trusting my friend to love me anyway.  it’s all good now and I can be fairly open about it with all of them which is just a massive weight off my shoulders to be honest, it feels so much better than I thought it would to just be the real me in front of them, or at least most of the real me!

The piercing is healing well but it has a bit to go before its fully healed yet. I’m not wearing the tag on a daily basis yet, in fact I’ve only just started wearing underwear on a daily basis but when I do start wearing it, this is what it will look like!

Kayleigh says she wants me to start wearing is as soon as possible so it won’t be long before this is hanging from my clit on a permanent basis. The piercing feels amazing most of the time, its not quite as constant a sensation as it was but it is still constantly stimulated to one degree or another, it will be interesting to see what effect hanging the metal tag from it all day with do!

Last weekend I had planned to show Kayleigh the full extent of my toy chest but something happened and I had to go and visit my Mum so, it will be happening this weekend instead. I have romantic meal planed for Saturday night, after which I am just going to show her the whole thing and see what she things. Could make for an interesting night I will let you know!

13 thoughts on “Out of the closet and into the…

  1. Onohara

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday – and congrats for coming out to your friends!

    I am *so* glad I’m not the only person who adores having my nipples clamped! I’m actually not much of a pain slut, but that’s one conspicuous exception.

      • Onohara

        Hee hee. Well, it’s been pretty stable over the years. I’m submissive enough that I can & do happily endure a lot of pain, but it’s the submission & bondage/helplessness/trust that I like more than the pain itself. Except nipples. 🙂

  2. jeeprat

    Exactly how old is Kayleigh ? She shows a lot of maturity….It is never as bad as you think it will be when your friend find out …thats why they are friends Thanks for sharing ….

    • Lois

      She is 21 but she is very mature for her age, it is actually her birthday soon as well.

      This went a lot better than when my friends in London found out, although I do wonder how these friends would react if they knew the full extend of my weirdness!

        • Onohara

          I’m with Lois on this one, for some reason I’ve never had a problem accepting myself as I am, and I have a few close friends that know the full extent of it (not just the bisexuality, which I’m totally open about with everyone), but there’s a lot of people in my life I couldn’t trust with the info of what I most like. It’s their problem, not mine, but I still need to be aware of the risks involved in some people knowing. And given Lois’ bad experiences in London I don’t blame her for being doubly careful.

  3. Liz

    I dont think 21 is too young, definitely not for a woman anyway as we tend to be more mature than the boys whatever age!

    You’re birthday sounded amazing, i’m jealous! mine is at the end of this month too so i know exactly what i’m asking for, and i bet you can guess too 🙂

    Looking forward to finding out what happens when you show her your toy chest…!x

    • Lois

      Maybe that’s why I like spending time with them so much more than men! Men are only good for one thing and its not talking 😉 (Sorry guys, no offence!! lol).

      I’m telling you though hun, women know how to hurt women much better than men do, although they don’t punch as hard which may be an issue for you!

      Unfortunately the big toy chest reveal has had to be postponed by 24 hours, should be interesting though, I just hope she doesn’t run a mile when she see’s some of the things in there! I thought about sanitizing it a little but then I decided what the hell, let her see how twisted I really am!

      Where would you want your birthday brand to be if you got to choose?

      Oh, I meant to say, letting him choose how many brands to do and where to do them, very submissive 😉 lol

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