Working away

I’m away with work at the moment so haven’t had chance to write anything about the rest of my birthday or the weekend. Some of it is private and won’t get written about but there were some really fun moments that I want to share.

I was in a hotel last night which had a gym, a nice one as well, so I got to have a workout for the first time since Wednesday. However, it turns out that tight running shorts, a new genital piercing and running are only a good combination for public humiliation!

A few people warned me against getting a clitoris piercing because they said I would lose sensation which I obviously didn’t want and was worried about. I talked to Kayleigh about this and she spoke to the piercer (before it was done) and he said that while there is a risk of sensation loss it is rare if the piercing is done properly. For me, so far, the opposite has been true!

As I understand it the piercing is through the underside of my clit passing under the “nerve bundle” meaning that it pushes my clit out from the back all the time. This has taken a little getting used to! The last few days I’ve been wearing skirts and “going commando” because wearing underwear has been a little bit too stimulating for me!

So all that being said I don’t know why I thought running shorts would be fine!! I think I just wanted to get back to the gym, I usually go at least every other day but work has made it difficult lately. Anyway, so I get dressed and head down to the gym and by the time I get to the bottom of the stairs I’m already thinking it might not be the best idea, I can feel that familiar feeling between my legs, although I feel that quite often to be honest so I pay my money and head on in.

For a hotel gym it’s pretty busy but there are machines free so I get on the treadmill and start jogging. I swear after less than a minute I’m feeling all flushed and then I actually let out an involuntary gasp! There were people all around me, it was so embarrassing!

I stopped the machine and went to the bathrooms to cool down a little bit and once in the cubicle I checked and my shorts were damp in the crotch!! Fortunately they are black so you couldn’t really tell but I could feel my face blushing anyway!

I left the gym immediately, just smiling at the confused look the receptionist have me. Back in my room I rang Kayleigh and told her all about it, she thought it was hilarious and said I was a total slut! Five minutes later I was cumming down the phone for her. Now my running shorts really need a wash!

I wrote this on my phone so sorry if the spelling and grammar are bad! I was only intending writing a little post but I thought you might like to hear the funny gym story!

I’m now wondering of I’ll every be able to wear running shorts again? Or underwear for that matter!

11 thoughts on “Working away

  1. Steve

    Great story Lo. I love the idea you may not be able to wear undies again! Thats very horny in itself. Keep up the posts. Steve x

    • Alex

      I am very curious too if you will ever be able to wear something tight. However, I would really like to read a story of you trying to work out in a gym for more than few mins; consider it as a potentially pleasurable task for you. Enjoy your new piercing!!

  2. Onohara

    Never had a clit piercing, but I’ve had nipple rings for nearly 20 years now and while it was worse the first few days of healing, my nips are STILL stimulated all the time. Can’t imagine what that would be like with a clit (it’d probably drive anyone mad) but I’d say yes, there’s a fair chance that if this is still an issue when your new piercing has healed, it’s gonna stay like this for a while to come. So to speak. 🙂

    • Lois

      Ok, that’s actually a little worrying! I wasn’t really expecting it to stay like this once it’s properly healed, it probably would drive me mad! I’ve been in meetings all day wearing french knickers and have found it very difficult to concentrate! And I wasn’t even moving much!

      • Onohara

        I learned pretty quickly to block it out, unless, of course, I don’t want to. But I would think with a clit piercing that would be a LOT harder. Nonetheless, it’s not going to stay like it is now. See how it is by, say, a couple of weeks after it’s healed, and cross that bridge when you…get there. (See? I can avoid cheap puns when I try…)

  3. IflyHG

    Put me down for voting you should have been made to go complete your work out! You say you love to be humiliated! You could have tried to pass the wetness off as sweat.

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