Repaying a debt

The taxi was picking me up at 7pm by which time I had to be ready and waiting. Earlier Kayleigh had called me with instructions, what to where, when I would be picked up and what would happen about me getting home.

The outfit was fairly simple, stockings garter belt and heels….that’s it! Fortunately I was allowed to wear a coat and I have one that comes almost to my knees which would be perfect.

I take a shower and then relax on the bed while I dry off, or rather I try to relax as my stomach is actually doing somersaults! I try to clear my mind of what is likely to happen but its hard to stop images flashing into my mind, I know almost for certain I’m going to get ass fucked and its a good while since that has happened!

At 6.30 I get off the bed and sit at my dressing table. I decide to curl my hair and then put on some make up, I go for smoky black eyes to match my “outfit” which I then slide into. I look at myself in the mirror and can’t help thinking I look like one of the slaves from The Upper Floor, not an entirely unappealing prospect!

It’s almost time so I slip on my coat and take another look in the mirror, I’m transformed into a normal girl, except for the heavy makeup I could be going to work!

I give the address to the taxi driver but he already has it and when we arrive fifteen minutes later I find out it has been paid for as well. I get the feeling the driver is giving me a knowing smile as I climb out of the car, like he knows I’m virtually naked under the coat but I dismiss is as paranoia.

The house is nice, a fairly large detached with a garage on the side with a BMW parked outside, it occurs to me that they must be will off. As I walk up the drive I am literally petrified or totally humiliated, I feel like a whore arriving at a clients house which I guess is exactly what I am. I try to push the thoughts from my mind as I can feel the warm between my legs already.

The door is a white PVC one with a door bell at the side, I bite my bottom lip and give it a press. I can feel my cheeks warming and I know I’m going red, the door startles me as it opens.

The women stood in front of me is mid thirties, slim, quite pretty with green eyes and blonde hair down to her shoulders, she smiles and gestures for me to come in.  She’s wearing a black dress that reaches mid-thigh which is just lower than the top of her hold up stockings, she had black heels similar to mine on her feet. She could almost be going to a dinner party!

She closes the door behind me and introduces herself as Gemma, she offers to take my coat but I hesitate, remembering that I am naked beneath it but she tells me not to worry and I slide it off my shoulders. I’m blushing more now as I stand in front of this compete stranger with everything I have on show. Its nothing compared to the colour I go when I see what’s in her hand though.

She half asks me half tells me to get on my hands and knees as she holds up the dog lead and collar. I kind of look at her while the words go through my head and this time she blushes and says “Please?”.

I sort of drop to my knees and then fall onto my hands and then look up at her and she slides the metal chain collar over my neck, it’s the type that tightens when you pull it and loosens when you let go. I notice that she has no underwear on under the dress. She says “OK, time to show you to John” and starts walking, I’m immediately yanked by the neck and struggle to keep up with her.

She leads me though a door way into a big open room with large glass doors leading out into the garden. There is a large TV in the corner diagonal from the door and a sofa on the two walls either side of me, so that I emerge from between them crawling on the floor.  There is a large square coffee table in the middle of the room and she leads me to it and then says “UP” like she is talking to a dog. I climb onto the table and stop in the middle of it on all fours.

John is a stocky black man, well-built but carrying a little extra weight. His hair is close shaven and he is wearing cargo pants and a polo shirt, he looks very casual compared to Gemma, or me for that matter.

She says “This is the girl” but he basically ignores her for about thirty seconds before he gets up groaning like it’s a big effort to even look at me, I’m still blushing like an idiot, I probably looked like a beetroot!

He comes to my right side and cups my left breast in his hand, gives it a little squeeze. My tits aren’t big but they aren’t tiny either, he seems happy enough anyway and moves down running his hand over my side and then down my thigh. He gives the inside of my thigh a little tap and assume that means to spread my legs wider so I do.

As his hand runs up the inside of my thigh I look up at Gemma wondering what she thinks about her husband touching another woman like this, she isn’t looking at first but when I catch her eye she simply says “eyes down” and I look back at the table.

His fingers are running down the length of my pussy now and I blush more knowing that he will find it wet, when isn’t it wet!? He runs his finger down the middle, over my clit, finds my hole and easily pushes the first two knuckles into me. Then, with his finger slick he finds my asshole and just as easily slips his finger into there.

Apparently satisfied with his inspection of my holes he runs his hands over the marks on my ass cheeks and then down other side of my body, cupping my other breast and then he moves my hair so he can inspect the henna tattoo on my back. He runs two fingers over the writing on my neck and laughs, then he tells Gemma to get him a marker.

I feel the wet pen moving over my skin but I have no idea what he is writing or drawing. Once he is finished through he throws the pen on the sofa and moving in front of me he takes my chin in his hand. He tilts my head upward and I look into his eyes, he is smiling, in his eyes.

He is still holding my chin when Gemma arrives beside him, I watch as she unzips his pants and pulls out his semi erect cock, Kayleigh wasn’t wrong about the size. He moves his hands out of the way as she takes his cock in one hand and puts the other behind my head, it’s pretty obvious what’s expected of me so I open my mouth and she guides his cock into it.

I immediately begin sucking his cock like a good slut, unable to use my hands as I am still on all fours, after about thirty seconds I feel my hair start to get pulled as Gemma balls her hand into it and begins to control my strokes up and down her husbands shaft and I become just a sex toy as she wanks him off with my face. After a few minutes of this he pulls away and his fat cock slips out of my aching mouth and he disappears from view, Gemma’s ass quickly fills my vision though, he dress now pulled up over her hips and with her hands still twisted into my hair she pushes my face into her ass.

Again, I don’t need any orders and begin probing her rear hole with my tongue, running it around the hole and then doing a long slow lick over it, the taste of her ass mixing with the already potent taste of cock in my mouth.

My pussy is soaking so, despite the size, when he grabs my thighs he has no problem sliding his cock all the way into me, I gasp into Gemma’s ass as his cock fills me completely and she responds my moaning and pushing harder on the back of my head.

In response to the extra prompt I push my tongue into her hole and move it around inside causing more moans from her, it seems I am doing a good job! I’m moaning as well, struggling to concentrate on my ass licking whilst John is so thoroughly fucking my pussy hard, rough and fast, just the way I like it from a man.

To explain a little here to those who think I’m a lesbian, well I am technically I suppose because I’ve now got to a point in my life where I think I would only ever “date” another woman. This is because I prefer the company of women on an intimate level, that’s not to say I don’t like men because I do, just not in the same way I think. I also think a sadistic woman can be much MUCH crueller to a masochistic woman than a man can be! That said, I do love getting fucked and used by a man because I find it extremely submissive to allow someone to push a part of their body inside you and then deposit bodily fluids inside you, especially LIVING bodily fluids like sperm!

Anyway, so he pounds away at my pussy for a while and I’m starting to feel an orgasm building, I think mainly because with each thrust he’s ramming himself all the way into me and his balls are smacking into me right over my clit.  Unfortunately for me I feel his cock twitch well before I am ready and he pulls me tight against him, pushing his fingers right through my stockings, whilst he pumps his cum into my pussy.

His cock starts to go limp before he pulls out of me and just says “Gemma”, I presume he motions to her but I don’t see anything with my face buried until she stands up pulling my tongue out of her ass as it was buried as deep as I could get it at the time.

Left alone for a few seconds I try to adjust my position as my arms are aching quite badly by this point, it doesn’t really matter though because Gemma, now behind me, tells me to get on my back. I obediently turn over and she guides my legs to hang over the sides of the table so they are spread wide. She kneels down and bows her head to my slightly swollen pussy.

I have my arms laid at my sides and I bunch my hands into fists as she plunges her tongue into my pussy. I quickly realise she isn’t trying to please me, she is licking and sucking the cum out of me but it still feels good and I am panting as I try to lie still.

It goes through my mind that maybe she is jealous and this her way of not letting me have her husbands “seed” but I change my mind when I realise he obvious told her to do this and that she is obviously subservient to him, whilst I am subservient to both of them.  The idea is disproven once and fall all though with what she does next.

Obviously satisfied that she has got everything she gets up and comes over to me, John says “Open wide” and when I open my mouth she dribbles the cum from her mouth into mine whilst he sits on the sofa slowly stroking himself. I assume I am supposed to swallow it so once she has finished drooling it into my mouth I shallow making sure every bit goes down. It’s the first time in a very long time I’ve tasted and swallowed cum but I don’t have any trouble doing it.

Once she can see I’ve finished Gemma bends down and kisses me passionately, and I mean really deeply like she hasn’t wanted to kiss me her entire life, I can’t help but join in and when do she begins to caress my breasts and roll my nipples between her fingers, I have to admit it was turning me on a lot! I can feel John watching us, stroking himself as he enjoys the show which goes on for several minutes.

By the time she stops kissing me I am aching for some release but I don’t get it, instead I watch as she looks up at her husband, smiles and then climbs up onto the table, positioning herself over my so that her pussy is directly in front of my face.

I can hear more than see John get up and then I watch as his huge black cock slips easily into her wet white pussy, the contrast looks amazing and I stare as he begins thrusting into her much more gently than he did with me, this is more like love making than “fucking”.

I stare at his cock moving in and out of her for a little while, listening to both of their sounds, breathing, moaning a little until I am snapped out of it by John saying “Suck her clit girl” and then I am back in action.

I reach up and grab her hips then bend upwards and purse my lips over her little nub, so close to his thrusting cock, and begin to suck on it gently and running my tongue under the hood.  The reaction is immediate, the moans from her end of the table double and he begins thrusting faster.

He soon slows again though and whilst I continue to pleasure her clit he eventually stops thrusting altogether and just holds his hard cock inside her, about thirty seconds later she pushes herself hard against him and almost screams “I’M CUMMING” and she really does!

He’s still hard when he pulls out of her and his cock wipes her juices across my face, I don’t move away until she climbs off the table and off me.

I forget who said it but I am ordered back to my knees and as soon as I get back into position he is pushing his cock against my asshole. There is plenty of resistance from my only slightly trained hole but he applies plenty of force and I winch a little as he slowly slides it into me.  It feels like something huge I stretching my ass but after a good minute of pushing he begins thrusting.

I can feel him slide deeper with every stretching, painful thrust. It is pure agony and I can hear myself letting out a little squeak as well as a breath each time he rams it into me. Despite the pain I am still really horny but there isn’t enough stimulation in the right places for me to cum, that’s when Gemma kneels beside me and begins to rub on my clit.

About thirty seconds later I can barely contain my orgasm and then he cums in my ass and I just let it go, moaning like a whore as his huge cock spasms inside me.

I feel him pull out of me whilst I’m still enjoying the end of my orgasm and by the time I open my eyes again they are nowhere to be seen. I don’t really know what to do so I just stay where I am on all fours on their coffee table.

A few minutes later Gemma comes back in on her own, she is still wearing the dress but her shoes have gone and so have her stockings. She gentle pulls the lead from my neck and helps me get to my feet. My stockings are ripped all down the sides and the clasp on my garter belt is broken, I don’t even know how it happened but Gemma offers to replace them and I tell her not to worry about it.

The atmosphere with her is totally different now despite the fact I am more naked than ever as I pull off the stockings and she throws them in the bin. She seems almost shy as she returns with my coat and helps me on with it and then she thanks me for a great time, tells me to say thanks to Kayleigh and then gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek as I leave.

The taxi is waiting for me with the same driver who brought me, I worry that he is going to wonder where my stockings went but I don’t think he really notices.

Its a little after nine when I get home, I ring Kayleigh and tell her all about it, she seems pleased with me which makes me happy. She tells me not to clean myself up until she sees me the next day which frustrates me a little because I really feel like a shower.

I started to write this report right then but I was quite tired and after cum started to leak out of my ass, which was gross, I decided to leave it for later and eventually fell asleep on my bed wearing only my cum soaked knickers.

The next day when Kayleigh comes round I show her my back, John has drawn cocks sprouting out of the vines she had drawn with the tattoo and written “CUM DUMP” above my ass. She runs me a bath and washes my back gently until it is all gone.

Finally clean, I curl up in bed with her and fall back to sleep.

Sorry it took so long to get this one done, its been a bit of a busy week! Fortunately TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY so I’m not doing a great deal of work!  I’m very exciting about picking Kayleigh up later and going to get the mystery piercing! I will be sure to tell you which one she got me as soon as I can!

I think I have decided that I will tell my friends about mine and Kayleighs relationship status tonight, I’m not going to make a big announcement about it though, I am just going to tell people individually. Now that I have made a decision about it I actually feel a lot better about it to be honest, I’m almost excited to tell people! I’ll let you know how it goes once I have recovered from the inevitable hangover!

17 thoughts on “Repaying a debt

  1. Alex

    I am glad you have enjoyed a man’s cock so much! Bravo my dear!! I think your ass needs further training (just like in the past).

  2. simcity

    Happy Birthday, it was a wonderful gift Kayleigh gave to you and now it seems she is selflessly granting you another. Enjoy

  3. Dante

    A belated Happy Birthday Anniversary (it will be when you read this)to the masochistic submissive painslut you are! (28 – you are now half my age)

    • Lois

      Haha, you’ve just had a red hot piece of metal held to various parts of your body and you think I have guts?! That’s quite the compliment thanks hun!

      I got my piercing last night, horizontal clit piercing with just a ring in it for the moment. It would be pretty sore I think except for the fact that the pounding in my head is drowning out everything else! I’m thinking about uttering the words “I’m never drinking again!”.

  4. alan


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