So it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’ve managed to make sure I am working from home and can have a relatively quiet day work wise.

The mornings job is to finish my blog entry about the events of the weekend. I’m about a third of the way through but hopefully if I get in the flow first thing I’ll get it posted quite early.

I’m finishing work at about 4pm and heading to pick up Kayleigh from work (where she has already told them I’m her girlfriend!) and then we’re headed for the piercing parlour. She hasn’t told me when I’m going to find out what I’m getting but I suspect it will be right at the last minute. She has also decreed that I should “behave suitably as her sub once inside the piercing shop” which I have reluctantly agreed to because I know that she knows some of the staff.

After I’ve got my present we’ll be heading home to get changed and then heading out to meet my friends for drinks. I still haven’t decided whether or not to make ‘the big announcement’ yet, I’ve been putting off thinking about it to be honest! Is my birthday really the day to do it?! Maybe after a few drinks….!

I’m thinking of posting a picture of the piercing once it’s healed, that’s another thing I haven’t decided on yet though! I feel like a lot of things are like that in my life at the moment!

13 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Mastered

    Again, I’ll say what I said before…it’s your decision. BUT, I must admit, telling everyone your the girlfriend and to the parents…that is VERY questionable. IF ANYTHING, have her take you to her parents first for her to tell her parents that you are lovers, if she agrees then your decision will be much easier. Just my thought. Good luck either way Lois.

  2. Liz

    Happy birthday for tomorrow 🙂

    If it were me, i’d pretend i didn’t care what the reaction from others will be – even if i did care. Thats always been a bit of a mantra to me in my head ‘Who care’s what they think, i’m happy.’ And it’s helped me for years – probably the reason i’m so open with everybody about the crazy stuff! Deep down, i do care, i just have to talk myself into the fact that i dont, and it seems to work :p

    If the time doesnt feel right to tell them yet, then don’t, do whatever feels right xx

    • Lois

      Thank you Liz, its good advice, I want to be more like that so maybe today is the day to take the plunge! I’m am 28 after all! (God, so old these days!!).

      To be honest I really WANT to tell my friends, it would be nice for them to know more of the real me, it’s just petrifying, especially after what happened in London! I guess being a lesbian (bisexual in actual fact!) is less of a shock than being a masochistic submissive slut though! I’ll probably leave that part out!

  3. Onohara

    Happy birthday! I hope it’s memorable in many ways, all good.

    I’m with Liz – personally I’ve been on an openness kick lately (and haven’t gotten any “are you OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?” reactions yet, which has been unexpected and nice), but it’s totally up to you. Trust yourself.

  4. Alex

    Happy Birthday Lo !!
    Today is your birthday so I would suggest to leave aside all big desicions and just enjoy it !!
    The pic though of the piercing is a must for your funs at least 😉

  5. Alex

    In that case, I wish you to be strong and good luck … as long as you don’t forget all about us …MEN, I mean … 😉

  6. Manc

    Happy Birthday!

    As others have said, although may be good she is pushing you to reveal all to your friends, it is a massively life changing thing to tell them so make sure it is the right thing for you also.

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