Waiting for tonight

I’ve been travelling a lot this week for work but today I am working from home. Kayleigh gave me instructions to wear a medium-sized anal plug for at least four hours a day every day this week and despite my travelling and working I have managed to stick to her orders. In fact as I sit here right now writing the post the plug is sat on the desk next to me waiting to be inserted, she is coming to see me tonight and she said she wants the plug in when she gets here. She is arrived at about seven so I will put the plug in at some point in the next half an hour meaning my four hours will be done by the time she arrives.

After I got home last night after a long day, I took a shower and pulled the one and half inch wide plug from my ass. As I stand and let the water run over my body I explore my rear hole with my fingers, I can push three fingers in without much effort! I know the plug has only just come out after five hours of wearing it but compared to a week before when it was tight on one finger it’s a big change.

Thank you to everyone who has voted on what piercings I should suggest to Kayleigh for my birthday present, I will give the top three from the poll to her as my three suggestions and she will choose her favourite and I will get that piercing a week today on my birthday. I’m not entirely sure when I will find out which one she has chosen, maybe not even until we get to the piercing studio, it’s very exciting!

Another thing that I kind of excited but quite nervous about is that this weekend, Saturday to be exact, I am going to see a couple who are Kayleigh’s friends. As you will know from my previous post my visit is to pay off a debt that Kayleigh feels she owes them although I still have no idea what for!

In fact the only information I do have is that it will be a man and woman, that I will be going to see them alone at their house and that they are in the BDSM scene. I’m guessing one is Dominant and one submissive but I don’t know which way round, although now I think about it Kayleigh said that he likes to do anal so I guess that would make him the Dom, unless she was being funny and he likes taking anal…who knows!

The excitement comes from the unknown I thing, I like the fact that I will be played with by two strangers even though I don’t know what will happen, in fact BECAUSE I don’t know what will happen. I know I will be safe because I trust Kayleigh and that is all the information I really need. Also, while these days I would always choose a relationship with a woman over a man, I do like some cock and it’s been a long time since I had any!! hehe

She mentioned the other day when we organised for her to come round tonight (did I mentioned she is sleeping here? she very rarely sleeps here) was that she wanted to leave some “marks” on me for her friends to see at the weekend. I’m a little unclear as to what she mean by “marks”, is it more henna like when she put “KAY’S SLUT” on my ass which has only just worn off or is it going to more like came marks or something else even?! I must confess I am quite eager to find out!

I was thinking of getting some things out of my toy chest and leaving them on the bed, but then I thought that might be a bit pushy when she hasn’t asked me to do it. I don’t really want her rooting around in my chest herself though, there are some odd things in there that might even frighten her off! Maybe I should sanitize it a little before she arrives. We’ll see if I have time.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  butt plug inserted!

Just in time as well, I almost missed three o’clock and that would have meant I hadn’t done my four hours when she arrives at seven.  I was talking to some else about D/s relationships the other day, she was saying how she would never do things just because she was told to do them, especially if they were things she didn’t want to do. I think most people think it was strange that I had a little panic just now because I almost didn’t have the plug inserted in time, I know the girl I was talking to would probably say I’m crazy, but for some reason it just comes naturally, I naturally want to obey orders that I am given, that feeling is multiplied when they come from somebody I really care about!

I guess it is proof, if any were needed, that my submissiveness runs right to the core of my being, that is why even when my emotions and my feelings and even common sense says not to do something I still feel compelled to do it because of an order I’ve been given.

Whoa, this is getting a bit deep, my mind is going off on one! This is what happens when you bottle it all up inside and can’t tell any of your friends what you are really thinking and feeling!  I really wish I had friends that I could trust enough to talk to freely about this stuff.  I think I’ll leave that train of thought there before I start to feel sorry for myself!

In fact I don’t think I can think of anything else to say right now so I think I’ll end this post here, I’m sure I’ll have more interesting things to talk about tomorrow! At least I hope I will!

Oh, and for those of you who made it this far down the ranting, the picture at the top is not me! The reason for it that I set up the blog to use this cool swipy theme when viewed on the iPad and if you add a picture to the post it makes it sort of the cover for that post, get an iPad and look at it, you’ll see what I mean!

28 thoughts on “Waiting for tonight

  1. Manc

    ‘Oh, and for those of you who made it this far down the ranting, the picture at the top is not me! ‘ – LAME :p

    You’re right though it does make it better when on an ipad.

    Should be interesting to see what happens Sat night (and tonight tbh). Maybe you should ask her if she wants to see your toy box, in its entirety, rather than leaving a select few things out.

    • Lois

      Manc, I’ve just added a list of everything in my toy chest to the blog. It is in the menu on the right. Have a read through and see if you still think I should show it to her uncensored!

      Bare in mind that a cane is the worst (best?!) thing she has used on me so far! I really don’t want to scare her off!

      • Manc

        Well from what you said you told her a dog has fucked you – so I’m not so sure what that’s in there would scare her off.

        Plus what choice is it of yours to decide what she sees and what she doesn’t – not even sure why you are discussing this. You should have total and utter honesty and that means showing her everything in there for her to make her own mind up about.

        • Lois

          Yes but the dog thing was a very long time ago and this is here and now!

          I know I should just let her find everything but I’m worried about scaring her off, it’s not that I WANT to keep ANYTHING from her, I just don’t want to mess everything up! I know I am into the fairly extreme end of BDSM and not everybody is into everything I am into, I don’t want her to think “This girl is nuts!” and do a runner!

          Maybe I’m overthinking it and as you say I should just see what happens, I don’t know what to do for best. I think I’d be devastated if she broke it off now, I’m not usually this worrisome!

          • Manc

            Well if she is scared by that stuff then she clearly isn’t the one for you. After all if that scares her then is she going to be able to give you what you want when the ‘honeymoon period’ ends?!

            • Lois

              You’re fighting neuroticism with logic Manc, that’s never going to work!

              I know logically I should just tell her and show her everything because I will have to eventually if the relationship is to go where I want it too, but there is something to be said for easing things in slowly!

              Although I guess its sort of like ripping a plaster off, better to get it over with quickly! Unless it takes all your skin with it!

              Oh dear, I’m getting dizzy going round in these circles! I need to make a decision!

              • Manc

                I’ll make it for you – show her the whole box.

                At the end of the day, you show her now and she does a runner then you’ve only got as attached as you are – but at least you’ll know she wasn’t right for you. You show her in 6 months and you run the risk of total heart break.

                  • Manc

                    Life’s a risk. Every relationship is a risk where you air your interests and hope the other person either likes the same things or fully accepts what you like. Be it vanilla things or kinky things.

                    Personally, I could not go in to any relationship without being fully myself. That includes being open and honest with what it is I like and what it is I don’t.

                    And if that means the other person does a runner then for me that’s saved me wasting time and energy trying to make something work which was always doomed.

        • Lois

          Thanks, I’ve been adding to it for a few years, it is actually a chest as well, I keep it in my wardrobe locked, sort of like Dexter’s chest on the TV show! My vanilla friends think I keep bed sheets in it! Can you imagine if they went looking for a pillow case!! lol Thats why I keep it locked!

          I don’t underestimate Kayleigh, I think she is really kinky, I just don’t want to dunk her in the deep end!

          • Onohara

            I’m totally talking out my ass of course, I’m going on general principle but you know her better than all of us combined. Trust your instincts, always. Let us know how it went.

            That said, I do idly wonder about the possibility that SHE is easing YOU into things for fear of scaring you off, too, Ha!

    • Liz

      Yep your crazy!! Haha. And your braver than me, I couldn’t go and play with strangers, I’d bottle it without a doubt! I guess if you go into it knowing you’ll enjoy, it will be a good experience for you?

      We’ll have to compare notes Monday morning! Hope I’ll have a few notes to tell :-/

      • Lois

        I don’t think I am braver than you! I’d curl up in a corner and start crying if someone hit me in the face!

        I guess I’m just going into thinking that if Kayleigh knows and trusts these people then I can trust them too, because I trust her! I think that makes sense!

        I’m looking forward to writing about my weekend and possibly even more so to reading about yours hun! I’m sure you will have plenty to tell!

        • Liz

          No your definitely braver in some respects- this one particularly

          As for showing Kayleigh what’s in the toy box – I completely and totally sympathise with this, I have this very problem, especially when I first met M who had only ever been vanilla before me. I introduced him into the extremes at a steady pace though I think, sneaking things I like into conversation to see what the reaction to it would be before actually introducing him. I must have done something right building him right up to branding me! x

  2. Steve

    Well L that was a good blog and i wait with interest to hear what happens to u tonite. How will she mark u. Cane, whip, henna, needles. Who knows. But u will enjoy it i know. Lookin forward to a report on the loan to couple. You must be very trusting, all kinds could happen to you. Mind u i think u can take a lot too. Now keep that plug in!! ;-)x

  3. "Mastered"

    How I would love to train you, sorry you like women more then men, but it sounds like your ass is going to have cock in it slave lois and I am sure rammed pretty hard too. Nothing like getting your ass filled with cock and you feel like it will come out the other side. Hoping you have a sweet night and eat pussy and get fucked all night. Lucky slut. I enjoy talking to you.

  4. "Mastered"

    You are such anaughty little slut. yes, you might scare her. It’s one of those things that you don’t know how much she really knows about BDSM/ slave relationship etc…being she is younger and you don’t want to have to train a mistress, that’s backwards! But good set of toys. I LOVE both sets of chasitity belts. Spank you later!

  5. Alex

    In my opinion you should show her all your toys. She obviously likes the use of toys, and if she sees all your possessions, I think she will be tempted to use them all. Can’t wait to read more!

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