Archive posts

Thanks to LondonTrainer I have recovered some posts from my old blog and have added them to this one.  You will find them at the end of the recent posts as I was able to set the correct date on them. I hope you enjoy reading them, I had mixed feelings reading them as they brought up some sad memories as well as some very good ones!

For those keeping score, the “Kayleigh’s Slut” clit piercing and the nipple rings with connecting chain are currently equal first place with 29 votes each!

Archive Posts:

  1. Meeting Tom – 06/10/2006
  2. I’m Back – 12/11/2008
  3. Monday: The Slave And The Whore – 21/11/2008
  4. Email From Mistress – 27/11/2008
  5. My Preston Trip – 05/01/2009

4 thoughts on “Archive posts

  1. Onohara

    Blog entry #4 is the same as #1 in this link. Might wanna fix it. Thanks for posting these. I hope your memories of your current posts, four years hence, are all positive.

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