Coffee and a chat

Last night I went out with some (vanilla) friends for some drinks, I didn’t really want to go to be honest but ended up having a great time. This morning I had a bit of a hang over!

I decided I needed some food and sent a text to Kayleigh asking if she wanted to meet up for some lunch, she said yes but she had some rules! We would meet at Starbucks and I was to wear a short skirt, a thin top and some nice shoes. No knickers, no bra, AND I was to insert a large butt plug before I set off.  Despite my hang over, I was wet by the time I hung up the phone.

Slightly off subject but I am currently finding it hard to know what to call her when she gives me orders like that. With my old Mistress I would simply have said “Yes Mistress” but Kayleigh isn’t my Mistress, she is someone I am seeing who Dommes me. At the moment I just sort of say yes or ok bt it doesn’t feel respectful enough somehow. Anyway…

I take a quick shower, dry my hair and put on a bit of make up. I’d already chosen my outfit in my head while I was in the shower, a little denim skirt and a white vest top. On my feet I put some new wedges that I got for summer and then I dig out my butt plugs with havent been used in ages! I have three different sizes and I go for the middle one, the big one is huge and the little one is too small. I give it wash first and then using only the water for lubricant I bend over the bath and force it into my body. I didn’t want to use lube as I was worried about it falling out due to the lack of underwear.

The roads were fairly quiet but Kayleigh is already there when I get to Starbucks, I sit opposite her just long enough for her to tell me what drinks to get and I come back with them a few minutes later. She told me to get myself a vanilla latte which is my favourite for a change! I am very aware of the plug in my ass and am starting to think I should have gone with the smaller one as it becomes increasingly uncomfortable, Kayleigh doesn’t even mention it.

We talk about normal sorts of things, she asks about my night out etc, then she starts telling me about her two friends, a couple who are in the BDSM scene. Apparently they have done a big favour for Kayleigh (the details aren’t important) and she wants to repay them, she wants to repay them  using me as the currency!

I’m a little shocked to be honest, we’ve never discussed involving anyone else in our play and I consider our relationship to be more of a Domme/sub thing than a Mistress/slave thing, not that I would object to it moving in that direction but I just didn’t think we were there yet. Despite my confusion inside I listen to what she has to say, she is basically asking me my permission for it which I guess is only right but it doesn’t feel right!

I have no objections to what she is proposing so I start off by saying that, then I try to explain what I am feeling, she listens intently and once I get into it the words short of flood out, I don’t know if its been building inside me for a while or what but I tell her how much I like her and how much fun I am having. I tell her how I see our relationship as it currently stands and that I hope she wants it to progress to be something more.

I think she was a bit shocked at my outpour but she seems happy to hear it and she basically tells me she feels the same way but that she doesn’t feel we should rush it or force it but just let it go where it goes. The conversation is very much on an evening footing, its two girlfriends talking to each other not a Domme and a sub. She tells me how she worries about the age difference but I reassure her that it’s not a problem for me and that I like the fact that  she is younger than me yet I submit to her.

Eventually I move back to what started the conversation, by this time I’ve organised my thoughts on it and explain how I feel about it a lot better. Basically I have no problem with settling her debt by doing what ever it is her friends want to do with me but I don;t want her to ask me for my permission. If she wants to use me in that way then she can, I will obey her orders and if I don’t like it I will tell her, probably afterwards as I wouldn’t want to disobey her but I would want her to know that I wasn’t happy about something for future reference.

She seemed happy with this and it was pretty much at this point that we left the even footing and moved back into Domme/sub world. She asked me how my ass was and I told her it was getting pretty sore, in fact just before that she went to the loo and I tweeted about how my ass was feeling (more about Twitter later), she seemed pleased that my ass was sore as well. She tells me that she wants to stretch my ass as the guy from the couple has a big cock and he really likes anal. Apparently I will be wearing the plug a lot this week!

Our coffees are long finished so we leave the coffee shop and head back to my car, she takes my keys and tells me to get in the passenger seat. Once we’re in the car she opens her bag and hands me a little bullet vibe, she tells me to hold it against my clit but not to cum. As she leaves the car part I pull my short skirt up around my waist and hold the buzzing little thing against my pussy.

The journey to her flat isn’t long but by the time we get there I’m way past ready to cum but I don’t, it’s a matter of  personal pride for me that I can keep myself from cumming (most of the time) until my Domme allows it. As she turns off the engine she tells me to cum and I immediately do and it is wonderful.

I was only at Kayleighs for about an hour because she was going to her parents house for tea, she allows me to remove the plug while I am there but only for a few minutes and then I have to put it back in.  We have some fairly vanilla sex and then its time to go. She tells me I have to wear the plug for four hours a day every day this week without fail and I tell her I will.

So that was pretty much my Sunday, I spent the evening catching up on some paper work and I actually ended up wearing the plug most of the evening, my ass sort of got used to it I think and it wasn’t so uncomfortable.  I am very happy that we had our conversation in Starbucks, I feel much better about how things are going and where they are going!

Sorry this post doesn;t have more action in it, but, Kayleigh is coming to my house on Thursday and is staying over and she said that she wants to leave some marks on my body so that her friends don’t forget who I belong to(!) when I pay off her debt at the weekend.

Last thing before I go to bed baring in mind it is 2.30am now! I’ve set up a twitter account, the thinking behind this is that even when I can’t write long posts for my blog I can still send little tweets through letting you know what I am up to.  So far I have one follower 😦 but hopefully I will get more. My tweets will appear in the bar at the right of my blog as well.  It will also be useful for posting little things that come to me but don;t really warrant a blog post, like the spider picture I posted earlier on!


18 thoughts on “Coffee and a chat

  1. N

    Hi the tweets are great. I pop on here to check them every now and then as I have no twitter account! I have followed you for a long time…I can’t remember the name of the site you used to post on but I do know they stopped your account!
    Love all your posts and as I am a realist I know that you can’t always keep it up to date or write in detail.
    Looking forward to see how your new relationship progresses.

  2. alan

    I am looking forward hearing about the well hung male fucking you up the ass, I hope he first spanks your ass for a couple of hours with a paddle until it is beyond red , then useing no lube force the whole thing in you with onewe hard push, and hopefully the woman is eating your pussy

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