Birthday present

Some of you may know, most won’t I guess, that my birthday is coming up soon (26th April) and Kayleigh has come up with an interesting present idea, she wants to buy me a piercing. I used to have a few piercings, I’ve had my nipples pierced several times and have had labia piercings before too.  I have always removed them when I got bored of them and let them heal up, the last time I had anything pieced was when I was with Joanne (my previous Mistress), she had me get both my nipples pierced and also both labia pierced several times, after a while though she decided they got in the way of using clamps and play piercing and she had me remove them.  Jo liked having my body modified, she was the one that organised the permanent laser hair removal of my pubic hair several years ago!

Some time ago I had an idea to get a genital piercing, or several genital piercings so that I could wear a custom piece of jewellery in them that caused me constant discomfort, I actually posting on the SlaveFarm forums about it here, there were some good suggestions but in the end I never got around to doing it in the end. This was partially because I didn’t find the “perfect” thing and partially because all the stuff in London happened and I moved away.

Anyway, I quite like the idea of getting another piercing, its been a long time since I’ve had one and the thought that I’m getting it from/for Kayleigh gets me quite excited, its almost like a proper Mistress/sub thing to do! The only problem is that when we discussed it she said that I should think about where I’d want to get pierced and what sort of jewellery I’d want to wear in it, well in actual fact I don’t want to choose myself!  I was thinking about it today and in actual fact I would much prefer someone else to decide all that and the perfect scenario would be for me to enter the piercing studio with no knowledge of what was going to get pierced and with what!!

I plucked up the courage and text Kayleigh to tell her that about half an hour ago and we had a few texts back and forth since then, the conclusion of which is that she wants me to give her three options and she will choose one and not tell me which one it is until it is time to get it done. So, then my idea is to do another poll! I thought I’d put a few ideas of my own in and then allow people (you!) to add additional options, then the top three on the 20th April will be the ones I present to Kayleigh.  I’m actually getting wet just thinking about this plan which tells me it’s definitely the right course of action, this way it is totally out of my hands which is just the way I like it!

So, the poll is below, you can either vote for one of my ideas or come up with your own suggestion, please try to keep them sensible though, anything visible is out of the question because of work, which includes my tongue. As long as it can be hidden under office wear it will be fine!

Happy voting, hopefully I’ll have time to post something else soon xx

12 thoughts on “Birthday present

  1. Peter

    I voted for an out labia ring/rings …I dislike nipple rings/piercings … I love boobs nipples and hate metal in my mouth when I am working on on a nice set of boobs ….but that’s just me …I would say never pierce your clit… you only have one… again just my 2 cents

  2. Lois

    I’ve known plenty of people who have had their clit pierced and not had any loss of sensation, in fact they have all said they had an increase in sensitivity! It all depends on the skills of the piercer I think, as long as they avoid the nerve bundle it is all good 🙂

    The piercer Kayleigh has found comes very highly recommended for female genital piercings.

    Lo xx

  3. "Mastered"

    slave lois, I think the horizontal clit bar would be good as you can buy a g-spot attachment that goes around the bar and inserts into your cunt. This can be seen at steelworks extreme, under the women’s section. This attachment would kepp you cumming all the time wether you want to or not. “Mastered”

    • Lois

      I have looked at these before, it’s an interesting site and they will make things custom to order. There is one thing on there which hangs from the clit ring but then can be tightened onto the clit to crush it.

      As I say, interesting site!

      Lo xx

  4. chang

    Something more extreme…place a long barbell vertically through the clit and hood and connect a chain between them. The chain will appear to grow out from under the hood. The clit chain is worn permanently and can be used as a leash or as a bondage aid (e.g. tied under tension to bed pots etc.). When necessary it can be tucked up into your underwear or pulled up and affixed to either the front or back of your bra.

  5. Sam

    While some do not lose sensation…all bodies are not created equal. Nerves do follow a path but that path can vary person to person which is why some people go blind when a molar is pulled…nerve location can vary slightly or greatly. You will find a lot of the same
    people that said they had increased sensitivity in the beginning now have decreased sensitivity because of the residual scarring that occurs and scar tissue can continue to build.

    If you are talking clitoral hood, go for it – if you are talking the glans, the clitoris itself – don’t do it!

    • Lois

      Now I’m worried about getting dental work done!

      Thank you everyone for the advice on this, I will also be taking some advice from the piercer who is very experienced.

      We’ll see!

      Lo xx

  6. DonGiovanni9

    This was quite a difficult choice to make, since I believe that a sub should have her nipples and labia pierced with rings as a matter of course. Nipple piercings are now very common in the vanilla community as well as the BDSM world, so there is nothing very special in offering that to Kayleigh. I was inclined to go for pierced inner labia with a spreader bar to allow one of the extreme steel attachments to be held with its spikes pressing into the entrance of your pussy, but although this would be painful, it wouldn’t give you the humiliation which you crave. Eventually I decided to vote for the horizontal clit ring with the Kayleigh’s Slut label. This will not only allow you to add the g spot stimulator which Mastered recommended, but also will let you have a second, very spikey tag hanging from the ring which will jangle as you walk around. Obviously, you won’t be wearing any knickers in the future.

  7. Graham

    I know this topic is closed ( now June 2012 ) but I’d like to know what the eventual choice was…
    Either of the clit ring ideas would get my vote, as long as it really is the clit, not the hood.
    A follow-up with a picture would be wonderful.

    My fantasy for some time has been to find a lady to wear a special piece of jewellery – I can’t describe it very well because it doesn’t exist ( yet ), but basically it would be a curved triangular metal plate which covered the entire genital area and was fixed in place by dermal anchors or surface piercings at the corners.

    ‘Hidden’ features would be an internal rod with a spiky ball on the end and a permanent catheter, but other options would be possible, taking advantage of any other piercings which were available. The idea would be that it could be worn for long periods – even publicly on a nudist beach without anyone knowing what it was.

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