The results were in!

So this is going to have to be very quick because I am going out in a minute and then I am going on holiday tomorrow. I will try and write a post while I’m on holiday but I will be with people most of the time and then I’ll be at my Mum’s house so it might be difficult.

Anyway, so I closed the pole last week and the top three were:

  1. I had a huge orgasm when I was “mated” by a dog
  2. The idea of someone else modifying my body excites me
  3. I have been “mated” by a dog I discounted this because it is really trumped by the first place one!
  4. I own a skin tight Neosteel chastity belt

I told her about all of these over Chinese take away last Friday.  If I had to gauge her reaction to each one I would say the first one shocked her, the second one excited her and the third one….well she must have liked it because I have been wearing it for the last five days and she has the keys!

I am going to a client meal shortly and after that I have to go and beg Kayleigh to remove the belt before I go on holiday. She says she hasn’t decided whether or not to remove it yet and it could be pretty awkward at airport security if she decides not to!

Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “The results were in!

  1. alan

    Now tell your girlfriend you would love for her to watch as ten male dogs fuck your pussy until it leaks out of you. Then when the dogs are done you go over to each dog and give them blow-job and swallow their cum in front of her, then go over to her and kiss her and let her taste the dog in your mouth.

  2. Peter

    I do think Kayleigh should make go through the airport in your chastity bet , and blog about the trip . If you have been very good may be post the key to you on holiday ….or not

  3. masterjeffuk

    Hi Lois
    The results of the poll were very interesting & I would love to see you orgasm when being used by a dog, how delicious.
    Love Master Jeff

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