8 thoughts on “Some help please?

  1. Steve

    Does she not know any of these? are there others? do you like to be tied and whipped for instance. Have you ever been branded or nipples nailed? Lots of possibilities but has she got the stomach for it? 😉

    • Lois

      No she doesn’t know any of them, that’s kind of the point! There are, of course, other things that she doesn’t know but this is the short list I came up with.

      Lo xx

  2. MrKay

    oh lois, keeping secrets ……. now that is going to get you into all sorts of trouble with Kayleigh. Tell her you have more than three and see where that goes.

    On another note i do sympathise with you. I too work in a similiar industry which means I can’t devote the time i’d like to my sub and her training. Such is life!

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