Ring Ring

So things have got a little crazy with me recently and not in a good way, well actually it is in a good way but not the sort of good way that this blog is about!

My firm has recently won a very large contract and I have been put on the account, in fact I am the primary on the account and the first thing we have had to do is a huge audit. This has taken me all over the country in recent weeks and I have spent considerably more time in hotel beds than in my own (or anybody else’s!), this is the reason for the lack of updates on this blog and while I know I promised to get back to it weeks ago I’m not going to apologise, it’s a huge career opportunity for me and there are more important things than this blog in my life!

Despite the recent refocus in my priorities though I have managed to fit several “dates” with Kayleigh in, although not as many as I would like. We are still seeing each other though and while it has gone slower than I hoped, and to be honest gone in a different direction than I expected, I am very happy with the way things are at the moment.

Hopefully that little intro wasn’t too boring for you, I just wanted to set the scene of where I am and why I haven’t been around, hopefully you are interested in me as a person as well as me as a pain slut, maybe I’m being a bit naïve there though!

I’m not going to write out all descriptions of every date I’ve had since last time I posted because for one I don’t have the time and for two….I don’t have the time! The following account is of a “date” that happened about three weeks ago on a Friday night, I hadn’t seen Kayleigh for nearly two weeks and I think she was kind of annoyed with me being unavailable so much. You’ll see what I mean about things not exactly going the way I thought they would but hopefully you’ll enjoy it anyway.

So I’d been away in Liverpool for five days and then was home for an evening (which I spent alone doing paperwork) and then had gone away to Edinburgh for four days. The final day was the Friday and I got home at about 2pm. I’d been spoken to Kayleigh a couple of times whilst in Edinburgh, each time she had called me and each time I had to cut the call short to go to a meeting or a meal with the client.

Eventually we talked on the phone whilst I was travelling home, she said she was going out into town that evening and that I should come round to her flat for about 8pm. I was tired but I was excited to see her so when I got home and had a long bath and made sure I was nice and clean and smooth and silky soft and then I spent an hour curling my hair, expertly applied my “fuck me” eye makeup and picked out a suitable sexy outfit for a night in town.

I took a taxi to her place and she buzzed me through the building door, once in front of her door I adopted the position she had instructed me to take when requesting to come into her home. I spread my legs to shoulder width and lowered my head so that my chin touched my chest, then I knocked and quickly folder my arms behind my back.

This may not sound like much but standing in this position makes me feel very submissive. Folding your arms behind your back pulls your shoulders back forcing you to thrust your chest (tits) out, having your head bowed that far prevents you from making eye contact with anything above a persons knees and standing in public with your legs apart feels like your inviting someone to find out what’s between them!

She answered the door after about thirty seconds (I’m pretty sure she makes me wait on purpose) and told me to come in. I walked into the hallway keeping my head down and my arms behind my back as she had instructed and waited just inside while she closed the door. I couldn’t see much but she was wearing some very nice gladiator style wedges and her dress finished above my line of sight.

In the past at this point she had told me to get on my knees and kiss both her feet and another time she kissed me in the passionate way she always does. This time she told me to go into the bathroom, remove all of my clothes and fold them neatly then wait for her. This was unexpected but I followed her orders, entering the bathroom and leaving the door open (I’m not allowed to shut a door between us) I unzipped my dress and shimmied out of it, folded it and laid it on the toilet seat, then I removed the very sexy pink lingerie that I had bought in Edinburgh and those on top of the dress and finally I stepped out of my heels and placed those on top of the lot.

When she returned ten minutes later I was standing naked in the bathroom, legs apart, head down and arms folded behind my back. I’m not allowed to leave this position until she says I can. She stood in front of me for a minute or so and I could feel her eyes scanning every inch of my body, then she said “Get in the shower”.

That was really not what I was expecting her to say and through surprise (I think!) I instinctively looked up at her. I saw genuine rage flash through those big beautiful eyes and in a flash she was over to me and had a handful of my hair. She forcefully shoved me into the shower cubicle, hit the on button and shut the glass door.

Se has a rain shower so I was soaked in seconds, my beautifully curled hair was plastered to my head and my makeup began to run down my face. And the water was FREEZING! She had it set to full cold! I kept my head down not wanting to piss her off anymore but she just said “STAY” and then walked out, I started to cry.

She came back ten minutes later by which time I had pulled myself together and was back in my position, covered in goose bumps and shivering violently. She said “Turn the shower off” and then left for another ten minutes.

This time when she came back she opened the door and told me to step out, then she took another handful of my hair and led me back out into the hallway then into the front room all the way to the far corner, she didn’t stop until I was pressed as far into the corner as I could go, then she kicked the insides of my feet until I moved them so they were touching the walls either side. She leant over my shoulder and said “STAY” then disappeared again.

She was back quickly and I felt her drying my right ass cheek with a towel, then she crouched down behind me and I felt her running something over my ass, like she was writing. I couldn’t tell what she was doing at first but then I smelt the henna and knew exactly what she was doing!

She was finished after a few minutes and she stood up again, I could tell she was smiling when she leant close to my ear again and said “I told you I was going out, not that WE were going out. I know that you are busy and that sometimes you can’t find time to talk to me but don’t forget your place slut, and don’t forget that your actions have consequences. This is a consequence. I’ll be back later”. Then she gave me a really hard slap on my left ass cheek and walked out of the room, about two minutes later I heard the front door open and then close.

My head was spinning big time, I’d arrived ready for a good night out with Kayleigh and now she was gone and I was stood with my face pressed into the corner of her lounge!

As I am sure you can imagine time passed extremely slowly, at first I was just bored and after a while I was severely tempted to move around, find a mirror and see what she had drawn on my ass with the henna, but I didn’t, I stayed in the corner like a good sub.

I’m guessing at timescales because I actually didn’t have a clue but after about an hour my arms and legs had started to ache and after two they were really sore, and I was so bored! I was so desperate to unfold my arms or move my legs a bit, just try standing somewhere for even half an hour not moving at all, it is ridiculous how uncomfortable it is!

After what I’m guessing was about three hours I started to think about what I had done to piss Kayleigh off enough to do this to me. It did occur to me that maybe I hadn’t done anything wrong and she had just decided to be mean but what said before she left kind of negated that possibility.  She was obviously annoyed at my constant unavailability and my cutting conversations short and now I was being punished for it, in the end I decided I probably deserved it and that I would make more of an effort to be available when she wanted me to be in future.

It had been hours and my arms and legs were numb (yet in pain?!) and I wanted to move so badly, it took every bit of willpower I have not to just move a little bit. The henna had dried on m ass cheek, I could feel it pulling gently at the skin now that it had compressed. Finally I heard the front door.

My heart started to race with excitement, she was back,! What would happen now? I heard her come up behind me, she grabbed my ass cheek hard, digging her nails in, she leant over my shoulder, her breath stank of alcohol, slurring slightly she said “Did you move?” and I shook my head. She said “Good girl, STAY” and then she left the room.

I thought she was going to leave me there all night but she was back after a couple of minutes and I heard her drop some things behind me, then she was back at my shoulder saying “Wait two more minutes then go home, there’s a taxi outside” and then she left the room again and I heard her bedroom door slam.

I was gutted if I’m honest, all that time waiting there and I wasn’t even going to get anything good out of it! I counted to 120 and then released my pose, it was hard and painful to move my arms, I was really still. The clothes on the floor were a thigh length rain coat and a pair of flip flops, nothing else, great!

There was also £20, presumably for the taxi which was waiting so I grabbed the coat and flung it on, fastening the waist strap and then slid my feet into the flip flops.  I passed a mirror on the way out and noticed my cheeks had makeup all down them, I wiped it off as best I could with my hand, I still looked like a panda but there was nothing I could do about that!

I got into the taxi as carefully as I could, trying to make sure the coat didn’t ride up. The driver took one look at me and said “Are you OK?”, I just blushed, smiled and said yes.

When I got home I ran upstairs, stripped the coat off and took a look at my ass in the mirror. In black writing across my whole right ass cheek it said


I picked off the bits of dried henna that hadn’t come of in the taxi, the letters were completely black because it had been left on so long and it was really vivid against my quite pale skin, I was getting wet just looking at it!

I took a picture in the mirror and sent it to Kayleigh with the message “I love it! Thank you xxx”, then I got into bed and made myself cum before falling asleep.

This was a very weird night but it taught me a valuable lesson about Kayleigh, since then I have made a great effort to speak to her as and when she wants me to and I haven’t had to be punished again, not for that anyway!

I know this post is a bit low on action but I thought it was an important one for the “complete story” of what has happened while I haven’t been posting. I will post more soon (hopefully) filling you in on some of the more interesting adventures I have had with her since then.

For those that are interested it has been a few weeks now and while the henna has faded you can still clearly see “KAY’S SLUT” on my ass, she makes reference to it quite often and has told me she is going to get it tattooed at some point, we will see!

2 thoughts on “Ring Ring

  1. Sam

    Lois – So glad you are (kind of) back. I was beginning to worry a bit. And…so happy to hear things are going well in your job.

    It is difficult to have a life and travel for your job – if you value your job please do not do anything to jeopardize it – truly, Kayleigh needs to be more respectful of your profession unless she is going to support you entirely.

    Best of luck to you in the future.

  2. Dante

    Ahhhhhhhhh there is life…for now let’s just drop an oxygen line until we see more proof of life.

    I for one am most interested in your personal life however you must provide more personal information…how else will I be able to blackmail you? 🙂

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