So how did it go?

I got a text when I was about five minutes from the restaurant saying “Don’t look at me until I say you can” and that’s it.  The taxi dropped me right outside and I resisted the urge to look through the window as I got and out walked inside.  I gave my name and woman led me to a table in the corner of the room.  I knew Kayleigh was already there because I could see her feet under the table, she was wearing some really nice cage style wedges with open toes showing off her red toe nails. I thanked the girl and sat down keeping my eyes down, it’s surprisingly hard not to look at someone when they are sat right in front of you!

I was already blushing but hoped she couldn’t see, she said hello and told me I was a “good girl” for keeping my eyes down and to continue to do so until she says otherwise.  I was more worried about people hearing than what she was saying to be honest!

The waitress came with the menus which she handed to us both, then she told us the specials and Kayleigh asked for some water before she walked away again.  I began looking at the menu, mainly just for something to look at but a set of fingers with a pink french manicure came over the top of it and snatched it away from me, folded it and laid it on the table next to her! Then she told me to “sit on your hands” in a stern sort of voice.

I slid my hands under my thighs as subtly as I could, trying to look around to see if anyone was looking but it was difficult without looking up!  We sat in silence as she perused the menu and I, well, did nothing! After a few minutes the waitress came back with water and poured us both a glass, I felt mortified sat there looking at the table with my hands under my legs!  Kayleigh ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and she left again.

I was thirsty by this point and was looking at my glass of water when she picked it up and poured it back into the jug, I couldn’t see what she did then but I heard something being poured into the glass and then it reappeared in front of me.  It looked pretty much the same, ice floating in clear liquid, only is wasn’t quite as clear as before.

I guessed what it was before she told me to drink and was proven correct when I pulled one hand out from under my leg, picked up the glass and took  tentative sip.  I’ve tasted urine before, mine and other people’s so I knew what it was immediately, it has an unmistakable taste even if it is not a very strong yellow one.

“Look at me”, my eyes flicked up to her without blinking and we stared at each other a second, she looked wonderful as my eyes drank in those big blue eyes.  She had that evil little grin on her face as she said “drink” and I lifted the glass to my lips and took a long slow drink of what I presumed to be her piss.  I let it fill my mouth and then run down my throat into my stomach, then I took another drink.

She watched me intently as I finished the whole drink before putting the glass back down with just the ice in. I had managed to not pull a face the whole time and my eyes hadn’t left hers once.

The waitress returned with our wine and brought me back into the world, I placed my hand back under my thigh whilst the wine was poured and then she asked if we were ready to order.  Kayleigh said yes and then ordered for both of us, I would be having scallops to start and then duo of lamb, fortunately both things I enjoy.

Kayleigh began to talk to me normally then, asking about how I’d been and how work was, it felt a bit silly talking normally whilst sat on my hands but at least I could look at her.

When the starter came she finally allowed me to free my hands and we continued to talk as we ate, it was delicious by the way! I was also able to wash the taste of urine out of my mouth with some of the wine.  After the waitress had taken the plates away she said “Give me your underwear”, she said it in a very matter of fact sort of way so I didn’t really catch it at first, I just sort of looked  at her whilst I worked out what she said.

I know that doesn’t seem like a major thing but this is a really posh restaurant, I’ve taken clients there.  She didn’t tell me again, she just looked at me and waited, she knew I would do it.

I glanced around to make sure no-one was watching and then hitched the back of my dress up so that I was sat directly on the leather seat, then hooked my fingers under the waste band and quickly pulled them down my thighs and let them fall to the floor.

My thong was still around my ankles and I had just straightened my dress when the waitress returned with our main.  I must have been bright red as I accepted the plate hoping she wouldn’t notice the black lace around my ankles, I don’t think she did because she left without saying anything or giving me a funny look!  Once she was gone I stepped out of the thong, bent down and picked it up and handed it to Kayleigh under the table.

Kayleigh didn’t take them from me, instead she reach over the table and held her hand out for them, I bunched them in my hand and then reluctantly handed them over.  She took them and I watched her unravel them in her hands and check the crotch then smiled, obviously it was damp, all of this was turning me on quite a lot!

She has the ability to switch between normal conversation and domination and back in the same breath, it leaves me spinning a little and that s what she did again. We were back to normal conversation talking about her work now and other “normal” topics, only now I was conscious that I was naked under my short skirt.

It turned out “we” didn’t fancy a desert so we just had coffee (why?!) and then I paid the bill.  The waitress rang us a taxi and we got in together, me first and I know she got a good look up my dress as I was forced to climb across the seat. She gave the driver her address and off we went, I had no idea if we were just dropping her off or if I was going back to her house at this point but she told me to sit on my hands again, I obeyed.

We’d been driving a couple of minutes when reached over and spread my knees, then slid her hand down the inside of my thigh and massaging my lips, she was good at it! An expert I would say, she quickly slipped her fingers between my lips and turned her attention to my clit, then she kissed me.

It was passionate just like the other times and she never let up with her fingers, I kissed her back as hard as I could without the use of my hands, I could feel the drivers eyes watching us but I didn’t care at that moment, the whole world could have been watching and I wouldn’t have cared!

She continued throughout the journey, alternating between hard rhythmic stimulation and then none at all, sometimes kissing me and sometimes just staring into my eyes with that evil little grin on her face! I was completely in submissive mood, simply responding to what she did and just waiting in between. She didn’t take me all the way though, after about ten or fifteen minutes (I’m honestly not sure) she lifted her fingers to my lips and without thinking I opened my mouth and took her fingers into it I sucked gently as she withdrew them, cleaning my juices off them thoroughly.

I was in a bit of a daze, halfway to an orgasm and totally in submissive mode, she paid the driver (she paid!) and we climbed out of my side.  I followed her as we approached her building in silence, she opened the front door and walked in, I followed and we continued up to flights of stairs.

She opened her door and stepped back, I went to enter and as I did so she grabbed my pony tail and yanked it back.  She held it so my head was tilted back and sort of led me into the flat by it, I heard the door slam behind us and she turned me into the first room on the left.

It was a large room which combined a lounge, dining room and kitchen, in the dining room area there was a table with four chairs around it, two either side.  She led me forward towards the table until I was up against one end of it and then continued pushing forcing me to bend over the table until my forehead was touching the top.  She pulled my skirt up over my ass so I was totally exposed and then I heard her leave the room.

I was exceptionally horny now, I was virtually shivering with anticipation, my hands were laid flat on the table top either side of my head and I could feel condensation forming on the glass around them. I concentrated on staying still.

A heard the toilet flush and realised I need it too but no such luck, a few minutes later I heard her come back in and then a cane landed on the table next to me, I looked at it out of the corner of my eye before my head was yanked back by my pony tail. She said “open” and I opened my mouth allowing her to push a red ball gag into it and then put my head back on the table before buckling it tightly around my head.  And when I say tightly I mean so it hurt!

She picked up the cane and I prepared myself, I’ve been caned plenty of times before but not for a long time and each person is different so it’s never exactly the same.

As always the swish of the cane was instantly followed by the stinging impact, this one was fairly tame though, then she swatted my ass gently for about ten seconds before I heard the swish and felt the sting again. This one was harder but still didn’t bother me too much, there was another ten seconds of swatting and then swish and…wow! I yelped  and jerked as the blow came down twice as hard as the previous one, it stung pretty bad but I didn’t move from my position.

I could hear the smirk in her voice as she said “OK then, count to ten”. There was no more gentle swatting, the first four blows landed about an inch below each other starting at the top of my ass. I involuntarily yelped after each one and then counted the number as best I could through the gag, I’d begun to drool a little around the ball by this point.

The fifth one missed my ass and hit right at the top of my thighs, it stung like a bitch and it was a little more than a yelp I let out this time, although less than a scream I think! but I said the number and then heard her walk around me stroking my ass as she did, her touch felt good but I could feel her fingers rising and falling over the welts that were already forming.

She whispered “half way” into my ear and then stood back up and immediately laid down the fifth one.  My ass was burning now so each blow was magnified, she didn’t give me pause though and I just moaned and counted as she literally beat my ass!

She gave me a few minutes to recover once she had finished, then she returned and I felt her run her hand over my ass again, her hand felt cold, then she undid the buckle on my gag and lifted my head by my pony tail again.  I left a small pool of drool on the table but she didn’t seem to mind, she pulled the ball out of my mouth and then used a towel to wipe my chin. She asked me if I was OK and I smiled and said yes so she led me over to the sofa and told me to kneel in front of it, then she disappeared again.

She was back very quickly and she put my hands into a pair of handcuffs behind my back, then she moved in front of me and sat on the sofa, leant back and opened her legs, then said “I want to cum”.

I smiled a wide smile and then lowered my head between her legs.  I ran my tongue up the length of her slit and then took her clit into my mouth sucking gently. She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me into her as I licked and sucked and it wasn’t long before I could taste her juices coating my tongue and a few minutes later she was moaning and cumming in my face.

She took a minute to recover with my face still buried in her pussy, then she pulled my head back up by my hair (her new favourite thing?!) until I was back on my knees again, then she stood up, straightened her dress and then released my wrists.

She sat down again and crossed her legs then said “your turn, you may cum”.  Normally at this point there would be all sorts of blushing but I was so horny I just pushed my fingers into my pussy and began to rub my clit with my thumb, it was all of a minute before I was cumming in front of her.

Once I was finished she told me to put the handcuffs back on and I did, then I leant on the sofa and put my head on her knees and she took out my bobble and began stroking my hair.  It felt very intimate and comfortable and I stayed there for over an hour while we talked, mainly about whether I had enjoyed it, to which the answer was a resounding yes!

Eventually she said she would call me a taxi and ten minutes after that she was kissing me good night, minus the handcuffs! The ride home was uncomfortable, my ass was really sore so sitting down was…well, uncomfortable!

Once home I checked out my ass, it was a criss-cross of blackish red welts, it looked wonderful!  It has healed quite a bit already, sitting was difficult all day Friday and Saturday but it is fine now, just a bit of pain when I sit and it’ll be mostly healed by the end of the week.

It was an amazing evening and I’m still smiling about it, I spoke to her on the phone on Saturday and Sunday and I am seeing her again this week, probably Wednesday, can’t wait!

I hope you enjoyed this entry and it wasn’t too dull and boring for you, I did promise to do a task set by Dante, I will try to do it tomorrow lunch time and report back on it, sorry for the delay, busy life!

8 thoughts on “So how did it go?

  1. nastybstd

    I suggest you learn to enjoy the taste of fresh urine. I suspect you will get a lot more of it. My current sub is now my urinal. She has only to learn to take larger quantities and she will be perfect. I simply order her to drink from me and she will drop to her knees and take me in her mouth.
    Get used to warm, fresh urine and in time you will learn to feel lucky and privilaged to be allowed to drink it.

    Enjoy your adventure. Things are just beginning for you. Have fun.

  2. Dante

    Your writing is delectably visualized within my head; especially the “criss-cross of blackish red welts” part and would be even more enjoyable to have had an accompanying photo.

    I am glad you have remembered your task yet to be performed….hmmm…thinking out loud..of how humiliating it would be to have you stop a perfect stranger to have them take a photo of your pussy during your task for you to post here. was a nice evening wasn’t it?

  3. lwood

    Well, your new Mistress seems to have you well in her spell already. So nice for you that she is willing to put forth the effort to take you as a conquest. Loved reading your description of your evening, it was very stimulating.

  4. Hermann Steiger

    With each report of you I am more eager to read more about you two Lois! I love reading on. Cannot wait to read your newest adventures…grin. Hope you always have a nice time Lois!

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