Date night

So I’m feeling better, thanks for the 0 comments asking how I was! 🙂

I’ve had a few texts with Kayleigh over the last few days, one of which was to let me know that Thursday would be the night we were going out. She also let me know which restaurant we would be going to (a very nice one) and that time I should book the table for. Of course I will be paying also, she seems to like making that point! I hope she isn’t just in it for the perks!

Anyway, I am on my way home from a client meeting now so am not going to have much time to get ready. Fortunately I’ve just got a text from her narrowing down my outfit choices! I am to wear a short, tight-fitting dress over a black lingerie thong and bra, minimum five inch heals and I should have my hair pulled back into a pony tail.

Fairly specific instructions I think you’ll agree but I think I have the perfect dress in mind. It is a dark pink colour fitted halter neck dress with no embellishments, it’s plenty short enough without being too slutty and will go well with some pink heels I have. I just need to find something to wear over it because it’s not too warm out!

I don’t know what is going to happen, we will be in a restaurant after all but I have high hopes that something will happen I have to admit! I’m getting a taxi in to town and fortunately I am working from home tomorrow so it doesn’t matter so much if I’m late home! Oh god, I’ve been trying to keep my excitement in check for two days but now I’m sat on the train writing this I can’t help it, I’m really excited!!! I wonder what she’ll be wearing! She looked so beautiful in the dress she wore at New Years, god that seems like ages ago now!!

Ok, almost home now, just have to drive home, order a taxi, get a shower and get dressed! Wish me luck!Sand for god sake leave comment, even if it’s just to say hi!It would be nice to know who is reading this gibberish!!!

13 thoughts on “Date night

  1. Dante

    Oh Kayleigh, Kayleigh, Kayleigh…how are you Kayleigh? ~ he says in his David Frost written form impersonation…this blog seems to be centered around the newest facination for Kayleigh instead of Lois the pain slut. If I wanted to read a romance novel I would subscribe to instead of a rather slow moving accounting of Kayleigh whose only use of you has been a coffee table at the pictures….oh, not to mention pictures ..because there aren’t any! Spice this thing up! Introduce a Pain task for the week section like going grocery shopping in a short skirt with no panties and 8 needles criss- crossing your cunt lips dripping blood down your thighs as you push the shopping cart through the veggie section of the market amid the gauking village folk ~ oh Kayleigh.. how you make my loins bleed for you…

    How was that for a comment?

    • Lois

      Ok I take your not too subtle point! I’m not going to stop writing about Kayleigh because she is the most interesting part of my life right now, but if you can stomach the “love story” along with some things you find more interesting I will take your challenge. Check back in 24 hours to find out how the shopping trip went!

      Lo xx

      • pam

        i love your account of what’s going on with Kayleigh, it’s well written and the tension is exciting. i love how she fucks with your mind, just as important if not more so (in my opinion) as physical pain – anyway, ‘the body is the vehicle of the mind’.
        In some aspects you remind me of myself and i emphatize both with your adventures with Kayleigh and the execution of your painful assignment. Please keep on being you, you’re a delight.

  2. Sandra Bender

    Thank You for keeping us up-to-date and I do hope you are feeling much better…it sounds as though you are.
    Since you are at the beginning of the relationship I don’t expect a whole lot of action right now anyway but certainly look forward to you regaling us with the details when something DOES happen.

  3. Steve

    Hi Lois,
    Glad you are feeling better and am enjoying your posts so far! Hope things hot up for you tonight! Look forward
    To seeing if you do do the pain task and I will think up one for you also soon



  4. lwood

    Hoping to hear all about your date night and shopping trip. You can add at least one more who is keeping track of your exploits and trials on this blog. Thank you for posting.

  5. Steve

    Yes i am reading your gibberish! lol
    I’m interested to see where it all goes.
    Is she just a Lesbian that wants to control her ‘girlfriend’ or is she a true ‘mistress’ that will make you suffer & obey her whims?
    I wait with interest to find out which.
    In the meantime I like ‘Dante’s ‘ idea that you should still carry out some tasks to keep you on the edge (inc mine).

  6. Lois

    Thanks for the comments, it really does feel nice that people are reading here.

    I have started writing up about last night, it was a great night! I will finish as soon as I can and get it posted.

    Lo xx

  7. Hermann Steiger

    Hi Lois, I wasn t able to read your last info earlier. I am also very keen to read on as what happens between you and the other younger female indeed!

    I also feel you need some pain applied to your body between two meetings. Go and reread in sf my suggestion.
    (masterbolded in sf)

  8. Steve

    Hi Lois,
    Loved the task from Dante. I’m pleased you carried it out & described it so wonderfully! I was there with every push of the needles (would have liked to have been putting them in you myself of course). I’m glad you endured the pain & had a great orgasm after. Perhaps you can consider my tack bra & thong with nipple hooks & weights task I set you ages ago?? I’d like to read a step by step account of it. What you think?
    Steve x

  9. Martin

    Hi. I don’t know if you are still picking these comments up. I’ve started reading your blog from the. Amazing. Wish I could get my hands on you myself but instead I’m happy to read everything. Keep it up.

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