Wake up call

I went out last night (Friday night) and had quite a lot to drink so when my phone started ringing at 7am I wasn’t really in the mood to answer it….until I saw who it was!  I must have nearly missed the call by the time I pulled myself together and answered it, I’m surprised she waited so long but I have decided to take that as a sign she was eager to talk to me!

I answered with a somewhat sleepy “hello” to which she replied “Good morning” in a way that told me she was smiling. I took this to be a good sign. I thanked her for the other night and she said she’d had an “excellent time” (!), then she asked if I’d “been a good girl” which felt really patronising and I felt my cheeks flush when I told that I had but that wasn’t enough for her. She said “To clarify, I mean that I told you not to cum until I said you can” and I said,  “yes, I know, and I havent” whilst blushing madly and smiling like an idiot.

The conversation then moved abruptly to more normal things like how work had been and normal stuff like that but then she congratulated me for waiting for her to call, I wanted to keep cool  but I found myself saying “I was worried you wouldn’t call at all!” and I heard her giggling at that.

She said that she thought she’d let me sweat a little and see  how submissive I was and that I had passed her first test.  That took us on to talking about me being sub and her being Domme and she asked lots of questions including whether I enjoyed the other night (I said I “really enjoyed it a lot”, yeah still playing it cool!). I told her about my history a little bit and she told me a bit about her.

She has always known she was lesbian and has only dated one guy in her life, she has been “out” since she was 16  so school and things were a bit hard on her but she came into her own in her late teens and is now very comfortable with who she is. She like girls and she likes to control them.  She has had two D/s relationships but has been single for nearly nine months now.  I was a little worried that she hadn’t mentioned any S&M fetishes but when I was telling her about my likes/dislikes she said “Oh, I’m sure I can satisfy you in that department, you dirty slut!” which brought a big grin to my face and I let out a giggle.

We had been talking for about an hour and I was well and truly awake by this point (at 8am on a Saturday! it’s unnatural!).  She said she would call back in a second and then after about thirty seconds my phone started ringing again, only this time it was a facetime call (that’s a video call for you none iPhone Philistines!), I answered it excited to see Kayleigh’s face but my screen was just blank, I thought there was a problem at first but then I heard her voice say “I can see you, you just can’t see me”, this made me feel extremely self-conscious but I looked into the phone and smiled.

She said “throw your covers back and show me that body of yours”, so I threw the covers back and panned the camera phone over my body but she stopped me by saying “erm, you’re still covered up!”.  I was wearing some little pajama shorts and a vest top, I put the phone down and as I was pulling the clothes off I could hear her saying “oh, nice ceiling, why am I looking at it?”.  I picked up the phone and started the slow pan over my, now naked, body again.

I’d run it all the way down to silence and was coming back up when she said “stop” when the phone was over my pussy, she said “spread you legs”.  I was blushing madly now, like my cheeks were really burning, but I pulled my feet up towards my body, bend my knees and spread my legs.

I knew what she was going to say because I knew our conversation and this current activity had made me wet and she could see my pussy glistening in the middle of her phone screen!  She said “ok, now you can cum” and my heart started beating really fast!

Obviously I was eager to please her so I reached down with my left  hand and ran two fingers up and down my pussy, slowly at first and then I pushed them in between and found my clit and started a circle motion over it.  I hadn’t even noticed myself start to moan but I was brought out of my reverie when I heard her say “show me your face slut”.  I tuned the phone back around and held it upright between my tits so it was pointing at my face, she was there staring back at me.

I was blushing so bad as I stared at her big beautiful eyes and bit my lip trying not to moan as I brought myself to orgasm.  I was nearly there when I heard her say “ah ah, you have to ask!”, guess what? more blushing, this girl has made me blush more in the last week than I have in the last five years!  I was panting as I looked at her and said “Can I cum pleeease” and she smiled and said “yes ok”, and I did!

It was a good orgasm and I could feel the tension from the last few days coming out in it.  Whilst I was recovering my composure she hung up and called back on a normal call, I answered immediately and she said “did you know you roll your eyes when you cum?”, I giggled and said that I did know but I have no control over it!  She asked me if I enjoyed that and I said yes definitely it was amazing (still playing it cool!).

I was upset when she said she had to go but I was actually going out to so it worked out quite well.  She told me that I could text her again now but only she could call me and that if she didn’t reply I was to wait until she did before sending any more messages to her. I agreed with a timid “OK” which she seemed to like.   Then she said “We’ll go out for tea this week, I’ll let you know when” and I was beaming then, in fact I still am  despite the insomnia still doing its thing!

So that’s the update, it looks like she is definitely interested and so am I, which I think she certainly knows, I just have to be careful not to send to many messages!  Now I just can’t wait to see her again!

2 thoughts on “Wake up call

  1. Terence Sarge

    Lois, your writing has become increasingly erotic lately. Have you considered writing an autobiographical novel so your many admirers
    (I’m a big fan) can enjoy the exquisite sexuality of your willing submission to pain for the pleasure of your sadistic tormentors. There is no greater gift than this.

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