An interesting night

I was going to write about this tomorrow but it looks like I’m having one of those nights where sleep doesn’t come easy, perhaps this time though it is because of tonight’s activities!

After my post earlier I went and got ready, I curled my hair like it was on New Years Eve and did my make-up. I went for a toned down version of going out make-up as I thought the full monty would be a bit much for the cinema!  Next I put on a nice pair of purple lace french knickers with a matching bra then a black mid-thigh pencil skirt and a purple top that shows a bit of cleavage. I finished the look with some black wedges.

I headed out with plenty of time to spare with a black knee-length coat over my outfit to keep warm (the weather is crazy here!). After parking I made my way to Starbucks and bought myself a very expensive bottle of water, then found a table in a corner and waited.

My heart was pounding when she arrived about ten minutes later, I don’t know why she was having that effect on me!  She was wearing light blue jeans with rips in the knees (and one just below her left ass cheek  although I only found that out later) and a green vest top with a coat over the top.  She came over and I got up and we hugged and then sat down.  I was a little stuck for words so she broke the ice with “I’ll have a Grande Cappuccino and you’ll have a Venti Americano” and a smile.

I got back to our table a few minutes later with her delicious looking drink and my very large black coffee (I hate black coffee!) and returned to my seat across from her.

My nervousness soon eroded as we began to chat like to normal people on a date, she asked about my job and things and I asked about hers.  She is 21 years old, 22 in July, she works in an office in Cambridge as a secretary but lives just outside the city, like me, in a flat with a male flat mate but she barely sees him because he works nights.  She is not entirely “out” as a lesbian although some of her friends know, though she most definitely is a lesbian apparently.

We talked for about an hour and it all felt very natural, we very much “clicked” as they say despite the age gap which had concerned me a little before tonight.  She had finished her drink and I was only half way through mine having tried to avoid drinking it as much as possible however she had other ideas. She said “Finish your drink we need to get going or we’ll miss the film” to which I replied “It’s OK I’ve had enough”.  She looked directly into my eyes (she has wonderful big blue eyes by the way) and stared at me for a few seconds, then said “Finish your drink”.

There was something about the way she said it and the way she looked at me that just brought out the submissive in me big time.  I gulped down the rest of the cold coffee (I really hate cold coffee!) but was unable to prevent my face from screwing up as I did so.  She just smiled and said “Let’s go”.

The cinema is only a short walk from the Starbucks and we spent it talking about the first Sherlock film and if I’d seen it and if I liked it etc.  When we got into the cinema it was fairly quiet, possible because she’d managed to find the only cinema in England that doesn’t do Orange Wednesdays!  I purchased the tickets and the £9 of pick and mix sweets that Kayleigh wanted.

Went we went into the screen she directed me to the back row of seat on the side that the entrance is on.  To explain that a bit better, the screen is rectangular with one corner taken up by the entrance so that side of the room has less seats on it.  We were on the back row of that side with her nearest the aisle but a good five seats in.  There were about twenty other people in the screen with us but Kayleigh had chosen seats away from everyone else, I hoped this was a good sign.

The trailers started as we sat down so we didn’t talk anymore and I wasn’t offered any sweets 😦  Then the film started and we watched…

About an hour into the film I noticed her messing around in her purse, her hand emerged with a post-it note which she handed to me.  I read it to myself: “Kneel on the floor, fold your arms behind your back and touch the seat in front with your nose. Stay there until I tell you to move.”.  My heart was racing! I glanced around the room clocking where everyone was and then looked at her.  She had a very serious look on her face and she mouthed “NOW” to me.

The floor wasn’t carpeted and my knees were sore as soon as I put my weight on them, but I folded my arms behind my back and leant forward until my nose touched the seat in front, all I could see was the back of the seat!

As I knelt there my heart continued to pound, I was a little scared of getting caught, although I didn’t really think that was an issue, and I was also extremely excited! I could feel the moisture start to grow between my legs as I thought about what her view must look like and what she must think of me kneeling on the floor in a public place just because she, someone I hardly know, told me to.

It is a long, long time since I have felt like that, submitting to a real person who I feel a connection with, it is an amazing sensation.

I stayed still and listened to the film and nothing else happened for about forty minutes (its hard to tell how long exactly) until I heard her seat creak as she leaned forward.

I flinched as I felt her hands go under my skirt, riding it up a little, then her fingers hooked around the top of my knickers and slowly pulled then down. A let out a barely audible gasp as the crotch peeled away from my damp pussy and then she pulled then down to my knees.  A slight tap on my inner thigh told me to spread my legs a little which put tension in the underwear between my knees holding it in place, then she sat back in her seat again.

My heart was going crazy now, I was horny as hell and my face must have been like a beetroot, I could feel it burning.  For the rest of the film my mind was completely on my position, the vulnerability of it, the submissiveness of it, the humiliation of it!  I just wanted her to touch me, to do something but she didn’t and I knelt there (knees aching) until the credits rolled.

She quickly leaned forward and told me to get back in my seat which I quickly did, pulling up my knickers and sitting back down in one movement. Once I was seated I turned to look at her and she was looking directly at me, my face burned bright red again but I couldn’t take my eyes of hers.  Eventually (it felt like ages but was probably only a few seconds) she got up and I followed suit.

She held my hand once we got outside as we walked to the car park where both our cars were parked but she didn’t say anything and I was lost for words. Eventually we reached my car and she positioned me between her and car.  I saw her glance around quickly and then she kissed me with the same rough intensity that she had on New Years Eve.

This time I kept my hands to myself and just returned the kiss as passionately as I could.  I felt her hand come up between my legs and obediently spread them a little, she pulled her head away a little when her fingers touched the wet crotch of my knickers.  She smiled a wide grinning smile and I just blushed again, the she continued the kiss as her fingers rhythmically rubbed up and down my pussy through the underwear.

I was about to cum after about thirty seconds and I think she knew it, possibly from the way I wasn’t concentrating on the kiss anymore or from the way my breathing changed, I don’t know but all of a sudden her hand disappeared and the kiss ended leaving me in a daze.  She shook her head and wagged her finger at me and said “Not until I say you can, OK?”.  I just looked at her and blushed all over again! She repeated “OK?” and I slowly nodded, she just stared so I said in a shaky voice “OK” and she smiled a really wicked smile, then she said “I’ll call you” and walked away towards her car.

I watched her all the way to her car, then watched her get in and drive away, she didn’t look back once.  I climbed into my car and locked the doors, then just sat for about ten minutes.  I so wanted to finish myself off but she said not to, I was very frustrated in a lot of different ways.

I was still horny when I got home (in fact I’m still horny now) but I tried to take my mind off it by taking my make-up off and putting my clothes in the wash, then I went to bed……and laid awake for a couple of hours.

I have loads of things going through my mind, the one I’m thinking of right now is what she meant by “Not until I say you can”? Did she mean generally when we’re together I’m not to cum until she says, that’s a fairly common one in D/s relationships, or did she mean I’m not allowed to cum from when she said it until she says I can?!  That would be difficult for me, I’m an at least once a day kind of girl!

Then there’s the way the evening ended, what was that?  The intense passion and then nothing!  I was hoping for more, I was gagging for more!  Is that what she wanted or was it just not doing it for her?  I loved the evening, I loved what she did, what she made me do, I want more!

Oh dear this isn’t good!  I think I’m hooked on her and I barely know her, I think I need to take a step back, cool down a little….

…..when is she gonna call!?

7 thoughts on “An interesting night

  1. Hermann

    Dear Lois, I again enjoyed your writing very much indeed. I am very keen to read on what is going on in the future with you and the unknown very young woman… And should you need a few more inputs as how to use your body, feel free to contact me on SF.


  2. Chris

    wow, what an evening !! Think your friend reads you like a book…..but that is where it is all about , when you are submissive, waiting in anticipation together with you for her next move !
    and that will be soon !

  3. Dante

    Wrapped around her little finger, she has you. She definitely has ulterior motives now that she has accomplished the first – getting inside your head. Should you not cum until she tells you; usurping your “once a day” ritual will only empower her more, especially if you reveal it to her. The question is, how deep into the darkness you want to permeate? Be careful in your state of heightened ecstasy as… she definitely has ulterior motives…muaaahhhh!

      • Dante

        Oh …really? I seem to recall her saying, “I’ll call you” and what’s more, who wrote ….when is she going to call? at the end of her beautifully written account of that evening…but call it what you will

  4. IflyHG

    I really enjoyed your telling of this date. I figured that when she told you to finish your coffee that you would need to pee during or immediately after the movie. Coffee is a natural diuretic and seeing a movie always makes me need to pee. I imagined you might make a move to go pee and she telling you to wait until she allows you to go, and then makes you go outside in the car park. I guess it was too early in your relationship for that level of play. I loved your description of your feelings, it really adds so much color to the telling. Thank you for sharing.

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