A new aquaintance

So I’ve only just posted my first real entry which was a big (probably boring) piece about the last few years of my life, however this blog is going to be about my future and I met someone very recently that may feature in that future.

On New Years Eve (2011) I  went to a house party that was thrown by a (vanilla) friend of mine, there were a lot of people there that I didn’t know and I got talking to this girl, Kayleigh, and we got on really well. As the drinks flowed I got the distinct impression she was flirting with me and I flirted back although was conscious of where I was and who was there….

My friends think I’m straight when actually I’m bi, I enjoy sex and “play” with both sexes but I prefer the company of women for none sex related activities if that makes sense?!

…so I didn’t want to be too obvious.  Anyway, midnight came and everyone kissed and hugged and sang and then she motioned for me to follow her outside.  When I got out there she grabbed me and kissed me really passionately, she put one hand behind my head and held me tightly as she did it, the other hand fondled my ass.

At first I was taken by surprise (I was drunk so a little slow!) but then I got into it and my hands wandered to her ass too.  She grabbed my wrists and pushed my hands to my sides and me against the wall and then kissed me again whilst holding me hands at my sides, this was really getting me going and then…..we heard people coming towards the door and she released me and stepped away and people poured out the door singing and handing us glasses of champagne.

I didn’t get her alone again after that, just sly smiles from across the room as she talked to other people and then about half an hour later she was saying hugging everyone and saying goodbye. It came to my turn and she pulled out an eye liner and wrote her mobile number on the back of my hand, then a quick hug and she was gone.  I quickly went to the bathroom, added the number to my phone and washed my hand.

In the cold (sober) light of New Years Day I was struggling to decide what to do, she is only 21 and I am 27 which makes a difference I think and although she had seemed confident and “dominant” when I was drunk she might have just been having some fun.

Eventually, 1.41pm I sent her a text message saying “Hi, it’s Lois from last night, hope you’re not suffering too much today?” and then I waited…

and waited…

I’d almost given up on getting a reply until 11.01pm when I got a message saying “Nope, I’m all good, hope I wasn’t too rough with you?”.

I wanted to reply quickly but I didn’t know what to put, eventually I put “I’ve had rougher” and regretted it immediately! It was a stupid thing to put because it basically said I’d done the same with someone else and no-one wants to hear that! I was kicking myself for the next ten minutes until my phone beeped again.

She said “You’re sub then” and then I was totally lost for words. Notice the lack of a question mark, it wasn’t a question, it was a statement. I was trying to think of a good reply but before I could come up with anything I got another message through “Coffee and a movie, this Wednesday, yes or no?”.

I took a minute to think about it but the answer was, I put “Sounds good” and almost immediately I got back “I said yes or no”. I blushed and felt a tingle in my stomach (or maybe it was a bit lower) and then text back “Yes”. The reply to that contained a time and place (a Starbucks next to a local cinema) and then “…we’ll watch the new Sherlock, you will pay, wear a skirt”.

I replied quickly suggesting a different cinema because it has more comfortable seats which are on more of a gradient so tall people don’t get in the way and is just generally nicer. She replied “No more texts, see you Wednesday”.

My heart sank a little on that one but I didn’t reply and now I am just excited! All day today I havent really been able to think of anything else, I’ve already chosen my outfit…twice! Thankfully I’m back to work tomorrow so that should take my mind off it, although I can’t sleep which is why I’m up so late writing this!

Anyway, that’s the story for now, I better go to bed!

5 thoughts on “A new aquaintance

  1. chris

    …..sure you need to be accessible on Wedneday, that’s why the skirt….surprise her, leave out the panty !
    Although I really like it that you are bi, still think you need a Master to be controlled and guided….
    You can ask for advice anytime !
    Enjoy the movie !

  2. Hermann

    Lois I ll hope you will enjoy the seat in the movie lol! I bet you are concentrated to other topics then the movie for sure… However Lois I (we) look forward to reading from your new adventure of this evening!

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