Archive – I’m Back

This is an old post from my previous blog that I have recently recovered some of thanks to LondonTrainer.

This post from 12th November 2008 marked my return to posting on a blog after my previous blog was deleted by Yahoo. It talks a little about my pubic hair removal and the tattoo that my Mistress at the time had me get.

The post was written shortly before Mistress Jo moved to Australia temporarily, however she ended up staying there and breaking my heart by releasing me from the slave contract I had with her. Fortunately I was able, at great expense of money and time, to get the tattoo removed and because it was fairly new it eventually disappeared completely.

The post then continues on to talk about the week before she left for Australia when we travelled around visiting her friends and having some “fun”!

Its been a long time since I looked at my blog, never mind updated it. I had a tough time of it a while back, my Aunt died, I was very close to her and despite the fact that she had been ill for some time it hit me very hard and it took me a long time to come to terms with it. It put a strain on my relationships and to be honest writing on here has been the last thing on my mind for some time. Mistress Jo helped me through it though and I am feeling much better now, and things have changed quite a lot in my life.

Firstly, things changed in my life, I have now become a fully trained solicitor and have got a new position within the company I was working for and am enjoying the challenge, and the pay cheque!

Then, thanks to Mistress, things changed in my body! Mistress had told me we were going on a trip and even when we arrived at the clinic I didnt know what she had in store for me, it was only just before the consultation that she gave me a piece of paper detailing what procedure I was having done. I was having all of my pubic hair removed by laser treatment. I was slightly shocked at first, but I had signed my body over to her when I signed the slave contract and so I couldnt have objected even if I wanted to. To be honest though, I am very happy with the smooth results and would recommend it to anyone who has to regularly shave their public region!

Mistress wasnt done yet though, two weeks after the hair removal process I was taken on another little trip. This time Mistress Jo had decided it was time that I received the “slave tattoo” that I had agreed to in the slave contract. Mistress had drawn a design herself (above is the actual sketch she gave to the tattooist) and given it to the artist who had beautified it, I didnt get to see it until it had been done, but I cant claim I didnt enjoy the pain!. The tattoo is an outline of a heart shaded in red, inside the heart is written “This slut, and all its holes belong to Mistress Jo” in black script style writing. At the bottom a pair of interlocking handcuffs overlap the point of the heart. The tattoo is placed just above my slit, I now realised why my pubic hair had been removed for good!

I was shocked when I first saw the tattoo, it dawned on me how permanent it was, especially considering what it said. However, I quickely become dripping wet when the humilating realisation that these degrading words would be forever emblazened above my cunt started to set in. The tattoo took a few weeks to fully heal and it has now become a welcome, constant reminder of my place and many uses to Mistress Jo.

Over the next few weeks Mistress and I “played” frequently but she started to change my focus somewhat. My focus has always been on finding more and more extreme ways to torture my body, physically. I have always reached out to find people with warped perverse minds who can think up bizarre and cruel ways to pull, pinch, crush, bruise, pierce and impale my tits, or stretch, seal, irritate and punish my fuck holes, and to be perfectly honest, I will ALWAYS welcome new ideas for new ways to do the things listed above. However, Mistress had something different that she wanted to try on me as well. I have always known that whilst my primary motivator has always be pain and the pleasure that it gives me, I also have a deep desire for humiliation and degredation.

I always thought that those desires could only really be fulfilled publically which conflicts wildly with my need to keep this private side of my life well and truly away from my job, my friends and my family, all of which are just as important to me as this side of my life. For anyone reading who doesn’t know, this is the reason why I will NEVER send or post pictures of myself doing the things that I describe in my blogs, hopefuly my words paint the picture for you well enough! Anyway, Mistress has come to make me realise that humiliation is within you, I dont need the whole world to SEE me clean Mistresses ass with my tongue to feel the shame and humiliation that gets me wet!

This realisation has opened up a whole new world for me, a world which Mistress Jo has been only too willing to fill with perverse, degrading, disgusting acts which some of you will likely be turned off by, I on the other hand, am wet just thinking about some of the things she has had me do recently.

In the midst of all of these revelations there came, just over a month ago, some news which I greated with very mixed emotions. Mistress was offered a very big promotion, excellent news I thought, until she told me that she would have to move to Australia for at least the first year, possibly eighteen months. I knew she had to go straight away, the opprtunity was too much to passup, but I was completely deverstated for exactly the same reason.

We talked about it a lot and she even offered to turn the job down, I offered to leave my job as well but we both knew that our careers were just taking off and it would be difficult for me to start again in another country and it would be madness for her to turn down the promotion. So it was settled, a month later she would be taking the job and I would be staying here, we would stay Mistress and slave but, for a year at least, we would be having a long distance relationship.

There was a lot to organise and before we knew it there was only a week left to go, we had both taken the week off to spend together and as you can imagine, Mistress had made plans!

Monday, we travelled on the train to a place called Preston which is in the North West of England and has a fairly grand train station! I’ve never been there before and I didnt think Mistress had either, but she seemed to know where she was going! We headed first to some fairly dirty public toilets, I was given a plastic carrier bag and ushered into a cubical, Mistress told me to put my clothes in the bag and hand it to her. I had been dressed “normally” for the trip, I slid off my jeans, folded them and put them in the bag then I took off my top and slipped that into the bag too. I slid off my bra and knickers and they went into the bag with my shoes, then I opened the door a crack and handed the bag to Mistress who simply said “Wait here” and then disappeared out of the bathroom.

I stood naked in the cubicle for ten minutes listening to people come in and out, unaware of my exposed state on the other side of the partician, I was just starting to get turned on by my predicament when Mistress returned and handed me a bag under the door telling me to “put it on”.

I quickly got dressed in my new outfit, a very short pleated red tartan skirt, a thin white tight tank top and a pair of quite high heels. I stepped out of the cubicle looking like, and growing damp like, the slut that I am, Mistress then produced my collar and fastened it around my neck. This would be the first time wearing the collar out in public but I didn’t even get chance to get used to the idea. Mistress turned and headed out the door and I obediently followed.

I must admit I rather enjoyed the attention I got as we walked out of the station and turned left down a hill. We walked down the hill for a few minutes and I was told several times to stop preventing the wind from blowing the back of my skirt up and revealing my naked ass. Half way down we turned right and entered a maze of small streets, I probably wouldn’t have been able to find my way out if I had tried. Before long we stopped outside a small terraced house with a green door which Mistress knocked on.

The door was opened by a very sexy looking girl, a bit younger than me, maybe nineteen or twenty who was dressed similar to me. We were invited in and ushered into the front room, Mistress followed me in but the girl didn’t. Mistress told me to remove my clothes which I quickly did despite the large window leading onto the street, she then moved me near the window, turned me to face it and then put my hands on the back of my head and spread my legs apart, then left with my clothes.

I waited for a few minutes during which time a few cars past but no pedestrians, then I heard both Mistress and the girl enter the room behind me. Almost immediately I felt fingers inspecting my slit, fondling with my clit and penetrating me. The hand then came under my arm and the fingers soaked in my juices were pushed between my lips and I licked them clean whilst my cheeks burned crimson. I knew it was the girl and not Mistress from her touch and her smell, it was different than Mistresses, the hands cupped my breasts, then squeezed them and finally tugged on my nipples, I stood and blushed and enjoyed the sensation. When she had finished the girl moved around in front of me, she was dressed as a school girl now with a sexy uniform and pig tails, she lent forward and passionately kissed me, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do but supposed Mistress wanted me to please the girl so kissed her back, I was so horny now.

The door bell rang and the girl pulled away, composed herself and left the room, Mistress quickly grabbed my wrist and pulled me, we went out into the hallway where I saw the girl by the door and then up the stairs and into a bedroom. The room was decorated very nicely and had a large bed in the middle of one wall. There were some “toys” laid on the bed which Mistress quickly grabbed and began to “apply” to me. First she bent me over the bed and quite roughly shoved a dildo into my cunt before pulling it out again and twisting it into my ass hole, then she got another dildo and shoved it into my cunt but left it there this time. I tensed as she stood me up to make sure the holes stayed filled, the last of which was stuffed with a cock gag which was strapped around my head.

Mistress Jo then gave me my orders, get under the bed, lie spread-eagled, and dont move no matter what, I did as I was told without question, I was starting to guess what was going on. I got under the bed and into position as ordered as Mistress disappeared out of the door, the sheet hung down on either side of the bed so no one would know I was there. I waited only a few minutes before I had company.

The girl was giggling when she came in and the guy who was with her was making leud comments about her being a naughtly little girl, I definately knew what was going on now. There was a bit of foreplay, some oral and then they got down to the good stuff. It sounded like he was fucking her like he meant it and she was making all the right noises, I was dripping wet but did my best not to make a sound as I watched the matress move up and down above me. He came quite quickly (who wouldnt with her!?) and was soon up and getting dressed, apparently it was only a half hour appointment, maybe he was on his lunch hour! She was paid and he left leaving her still in bed.

Moments after I heard the front door slam Mistress ordered me out from under the bed. I climbed out, a little hot and flustered, trying to keep the dildo in my soden pussy. The girl was naked now, spread out on the bed, her brown hair was no longer in pig tails, her legs were open and I could see some cum starting to leak between her lips, apparently this girl did bareback, dangerous for a prostitute! Mistress removed my gag and then gave her order, “clean her”. I looked at Mistress which earned me a hard slap across my ass, it was enough to get me going.

I climbed onto the end of the bed on my hands and knees, pushed my face between her legs and got my first taste of whore cunt. I lapped up the mixture of her juices and his cum and to be honest enjoyed it, Mistress began to fuck me with the dilbo in my cunt and before I knew it both the girl and I were cumming in unison.

Once she was finished the girl pushed my face away, climbed off the bed and went for a shower, I felt utterly used by that one act and that made me wet all over again! While the whore was having a shower Mistress removed my dildos and had me “clean” them, which I did, thoroughly filling my mouth with the tastes of my cunt and ass. Once I was done we returned to the lounge room where Mistress positioned me in the corner of the room with my nose touching the corner and I was advised not to let it leave the wall.

For the rest of that day, and for the next four days I was subjected to a wide array of physical and mental torments by Mistress and her friends as she visited them before she left the country. I had intended writing about all of these but it has taken me too long so far and I just dont have the time to write about it all.

Instead, in a moment of clarity just now, I will open a poll on here and you can all vote and I will write about one of the days in detail! Sorry if this is an anticlimax but it was either this or never get round to posting again!!

The week ended much too soon, despite the fact I was exhausted, and on the Sunday Mistress flew to her new life (there were a lot of tears!!).

Since then I have been getting used to life on my own again, I talk to Mistress all the time of course and she gives me orders almost every day but I still miss her an awful lot!


I’m back on the market for tasks!! Anything you can think of, the more weird and depraved the better, hopefully you all know my rules (ie no pictures or videos and no exposure of my “secret” life to friends, family, coworkers or the population of London for that matter!!) but anything else goes, ANYTHING! Please try your best to challenge that!!

Sorry for being away for so long, but I’m back now and ready to be used and abused by complete strangers!

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